Don’t you hate it sometimes when your all amped for the gym and grab your cool gear and take your cool supplements only to find out that you forgot your damn shoes for the gym. That what happened to me today,I was upset at first,then remembered what my 8th grade teacher said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff…” that’s exactly what I did,I just put my working shoes back on,went to the free weights & machine area at Lifetime Fitness & blasted 4 sets of heavy weights for chest and back workouts. I had a 30 second rest in between sets and jumped back into it,partly thanks to my lunch which was Uncle Bens Brown rice and a chicken Kabob skewer.


After my heavy/quick workout I decided to go home for a run on this beautiful day,damn was it a beautiful day. I went in the house to get my Vibrams since I washed them last night and try we’re air dried. Once I slipped them on,I felt invincible.


It was 65 degrees out,small breeze,you could smell the crisp leaves,seeing the colors was very calming during my run.


When I got home I decided to do a little jump rope and stair jumps,which was a great ending for a great cardio work out. Checked the calories burned on my heart rate monitor & I was happy.


Now I’m sitting in front of a plate of delicious home made(except Uncle Ben’s Brown rice) meal to satisfy my carb appetite. NO CARBS BEFORE 6pm! A must in my diet.


Stay healthy,stay well,night!

Tech & Health

October 19, 2011


Its been a nice, subtle few days,sorry for not writing as much as i had dedicated myself to, the Iphone 4S had been released. Most people would say that its not worth the upgrade, but to me, getting the latest and greatest is important, i can’t stand slow speeds and laggy software. I know Apple is the greatest, the iPhone 4S is the latest, makes sense. Plus I am in love with the Camera on this beast of a phone, check out some of the pictures i posted, they were taken with the 8 mega pixel Iphone 4S camera alone! I’ll upload a 1080P video later. Now coming from a geeks point of view, someone who has played with the latest and greatest Android phones as well as 1 day with a Windows phone 7 Device, i can tell you that the iphone 4S gets shit done for me at wicked speeds. Battery is great, signal is much better, i used to get only 1-0 bars on my old Iphone 4 in my basement, but supposedly with this “revolutionary” new antenna it makes the signal stronger and better to catch. No matter what phone I try out, i always end up going back to the iphone, i guess because its my first real smart phone with a touch screen that got things right and influenced all the other touchscreen phones as well.20111019-102603.jpg


For the last 2 weeks I have been heading over to the gym everyday, but no matter what i must take 1 day off to get a full 8 hours of sleep and let my muscles relax and grow. Its tough trying to incorporate protein in everyday meals, especially if im trying to eat 6 meals a day. As long as i keep reminders on my phone and keep something around to ingest i should be fine. What i have been finding really easy and healthy to have is my freshley squeezed fruit/vegetable juice. Pics:



Today I started off with a healthy smoothie from smoothie king,just remember to ask them to not add any sugar and you easily knock out 150 calories. Freshly squeezed veggie/fruit juice for lunch. Then class & gym,man do I love to gym it. Shoulders & legs,4 sets each work out,12,10,8,7 reps for each, HEAVY, with jump roping 50 times fast in each set. Gotta keep the heart rate going,gotta keep it high. Then I came home to do some barefoot-like running on this beautiful fall day. This is the best part of fall,the beginning,leaves are slightly light brown,weather is brisk in the morning but bearable with a Tshirt during the day,also its pumpkin season,my favorite pie!
I Ran almost 2 miles,all together burned about 1430 calories. Then enjoyed a nice red lentil soup with low fat cottage cheese mixed with it. I would like to train someone,in the same way I’m training now,just to see how it would affect another persons body. For myself I am thinking about fasting again just to curb the appetite,let me know what you think.


On another note, i preordered the iPhone 4S for my wife today,hopefully it comes on time. Surprisingly the website to order the iPhone 4s hasn’t crashed,exciting.

I found these pictures while in the attic:


Eating clean,eating healthy

October 6, 2011

So today,like any other,is a day where I try my best to eat healthy food. I have 2 diet books in my iBooks app that I should start reading soon called the Paleo solution diet & The Paleo cook book. Maybe once my school work dies down a little. Brown rice with chicken kabobs & middle eastern olives usually does the trick. Then I down it with a juice combo of fresh spinach,pear,apple,carrot,cucumber,parsley & lemon. Cleans the body right out & uses fat as energy when there isn’t anything else in the stomach. I recommend this documentary on Netflix called”fat,Sick and nearly dead” very inspirational. I’ll leave off with the fascination of how easy it is to write a blog,take it in my pocket and snap pictures to share with everyone on my iOS device. How far we have gone with technology is astounding,leaving you to wonder,when will it slow down and take a breather? Stay healthy & stay well to all!



so i have been told numerous times to start a blog, to write down all my thoughts and ideas, to express how i feel, to give advice to those in seek of it. I pretty much love fitness, ask my wife, i go to the gym almost 7 days a week. I own/manage a small family runned restaurant in my home town, maybe you’ve heard of it. I’m pretty much open, thus creating a blog for everyone to read me like a book. No secrets, no mean or evil things, just conversation and ideas. Also please excuse my grammar if it isn’t on par with what you are used to while reading, auto correct can only help so much. Lets talk about Steve Jobs for a minute. Great man, had lots of ideas, very inspirational, was an orphan, was kicked out of his own company only to return a lot stronger. His speech given to the Stanford University Graduates is also very inspirational, check it out:

I will end with the start of my day, be happy, be humble, fight back & live life like its your last day.

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