Working out,staying positive

October 8, 2011

Today I started off with a healthy smoothie from smoothie king,just remember to ask them to not add any sugar and you easily knock out 150 calories. Freshly squeezed veggie/fruit juice for lunch. Then class & gym,man do I love to gym it. Shoulders & legs,4 sets each work out,12,10,8,7 reps for each, HEAVY, with jump roping 50 times fast in each set. Gotta keep the heart rate going,gotta keep it high. Then I came home to do some barefoot-like running on this beautiful fall day. This is the best part of fall,the beginning,leaves are slightly light brown,weather is brisk in the morning but bearable with a Tshirt during the day,also its pumpkin season,my favorite pie!
I Ran almost 2 miles,all together burned about 1430 calories. Then enjoyed a nice red lentil soup with low fat cottage cheese mixed with it. I would like to train someone,in the same way I’m training now,just to see how it would affect another persons body. For myself I am thinking about fasting again just to curb the appetite,let me know what you think.


On another note, i preordered the iPhone 4S for my wife today,hopefully it comes on time. Surprisingly the website to order the iPhone 4s hasn’t crashed,exciting.

I found these pictures while in the attic:


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