Tech & Health

October 19, 2011


Its been a nice, subtle few days,sorry for not writing as much as i had dedicated myself to, the Iphone 4S had been released. Most people would say that its not worth the upgrade, but to me, getting the latest and greatest is important, i can’t stand slow speeds and laggy software. I know Apple is the greatest, the iPhone 4S is the latest, makes sense. Plus I am in love with the Camera on this beast of a phone, check out some of the pictures i posted, they were taken with the 8 mega pixel Iphone 4S camera alone! I’ll upload a 1080P video later. Now coming from a geeks point of view, someone who has played with the latest and greatest Android phones as well as 1 day with a Windows phone 7 Device, i can tell you that the iphone 4S gets shit done for me at wicked speeds. Battery is great, signal is much better, i used to get only 1-0 bars on my old Iphone 4 in my basement, but supposedly with this “revolutionary” new antenna it makes the signal stronger and better to catch. No matter what phone I try out, i always end up going back to the iphone, i guess because its my first real smart phone with a touch screen that got things right and influenced all the other touchscreen phones as well.20111019-102603.jpg


For the last 2 weeks I have been heading over to the gym everyday, but no matter what i must take 1 day off to get a full 8 hours of sleep and let my muscles relax and grow. Its tough trying to incorporate protein in everyday meals, especially if im trying to eat 6 meals a day. As long as i keep reminders on my phone and keep something around to ingest i should be fine. What i have been finding really easy and healthy to have is my freshley squeezed fruit/vegetable juice. Pics:



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