Octobery Snow Amongst other things…

November 5, 2011

So the last week has been a crazy one,SNOW STORM IN OCTOBER! Who would of thought,we ended up getting almost 10 inches of snow & slush throughout central Jersey. On snow days,I’m just glad I have a Toyota 4Runner with 4 wheel drive along with $700 snow tires that my dad yelled at me for buying in 07. The roads were fine in the morning until mid afternoon when it started coming down hard,plus the power had left work & home right when it started coming down.

The mail man even had a slip and slide while on his route.

Roads were blocked by fallen trees,very inconvenient, plus try stayed like thy for days,I wanted to just buy a chain saw and go at it.

Some areas were a risk just to drive under,but hey as long as we have a roof protecting us why not!


This branch literally snapped right next to me while I was shaking the snow off my moms little trees,I didn’t want them to break since they provide privacy.

The wifey made me some delicious food called Ausht(Afghan dish) I took this picture in the dark,amazing quality with the iPhone 4S!

While we had no power i decided to just go to the gym,burned a lot of calories thinking of the cold I would I have to come home to.

My mom all bundled up on our 4th night with out power and heat,she was happy though because she had her IPad 2 playing Scrabble.

I Was so mad that I decided to go heavy weights on my legs day and do 590 lbs. I needed electricity!





I went picture crazy during the snowstorm break and took these with my phone,came out real well.

I started eating much healthier once I saw this picture.

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