Some days are different

November 22, 2011

So I got my order of muscle Egg(chocolate flavored egg white) and trust me,they taste a whole lot better than they sound.

I drink it right in the morning when I wake up & right before I sleep,it’s a slow acting protein so I breaks down slowly in the body and provides it to the muscles. you can order it here if you want


I read this in men’s health and thought it would be neat to share with everyone:


I’ve done a lot of reading trough Men’s health magazines to other types of magazines,weight lifting encyclopedias and through advice of many close friends that own gyms,work out regularly and take all kinds of supplements. I think it may be time to write a simple 15 page book on how to jump start any diet and jump start any work out routine to help people transition slowly,just a thought but hopefully will turn into reality real soon!


I guess this is why Indian people are skinny back in India,they walk everywhere,eat tasty spicy food!

Marinated all these lamb chops for the Saturday night dinner,it was epic!

This was a sick fight! Shogun vs Dan Henderson!

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