Today is the official beginning!

December 8, 2011

Well technically it’s not the official beginning,I’ve been dieting now for 2.5 weeks,gone down from 170 lbs to 163,then it yoyos back up to 167,which is I think muscle since I’ve been doing a lot more heavier weights.

This was my weight this morning,I had 2 slices of pizza as a cheat meal for the week since today im working out heavy on shoulders & biceps. I’ll have a video to go along as well,that is if I break any personal records which I have been doing each week thanks to Phil my coach and dietician.


Speaking about diets,I’ve been super charging it thanks to Phil with healthy alternatives,great tasting options. I’ve even used my 6 pack bag after 4 months of it in storage,I save money with the restaurant and I don’t have to worry about calories,carbs and fat count because I measure everything the night before or morning of!


After 2 weeks of training with Phil,I passed my personal expectations and goals and went up in weight by a lot,of course relying more on spotters than before to always be SAFE. Each plate represents 45 lbs if you did not know. Also I am starting to see definition in my legs as well as calves along with strength building up! My new goal for the leg press is 1000 lbs and for free bar leg squat 225 lbs.

Me at the Kean University gym,which is kinda a joke because all these big guys are lifting as much as me or less and they are 2 times bigger than me! Probably the water retention & creatine they are taking,doesn’t scare me though.

Liquid chalk! Unlike regular chalk it actually stays on the hands and doesn’t get on everything.

My end of the night dinner,steamed veggies with hot sauce and ground chicken breast grilled! Best way to end the night full and guilt free!

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