Nexus Galaxy review(Verizon)

December 30, 2011

So I bought the Verizon Nexus galaxy 1.5 days ago,I thought after watching the countless reviews that I would give t a shot so I did. Now I’ve had many Android devices,Motorola Atrix,HtC Evo,Nexus 1&2, Samsung Galaxy S,HTC Sensation & other ones I can’t think off the top of my head. So I like to say I know my shit when it comes to
Smartphones. I love the idea of Android,the widgets,specs,especially with Ice cream Sandwich that just came out. Great features with out a doubt but Android tends to stick to its roots since day one. I’ve realized that the camera indeed blows,which makes no sense because Samsung makes gret cameras on their phones.Nexus 1080p test video

So the quality isn’t up to par with other smart phones,let’s do a pros and cons list to make it easier for everyone:

-new android OS
-HD 720 super AMOLED screen
-dual core TI OMAP processor clocked at 1.2ghz
-realizable widgets
-very easy to hack
-very customizable
-light & thin
-Super bright screen
-editing options for while video recording
-1850 mAh battery

-Battery life sucked
-OS is fragmented,apps would crash half the time & would always ask to send a report
-Lag from apps to different screens to even home screen
-I might be wrong but the screen is not Gorilla Glass
-Camera is below par to other smart phones
-3G is slow
-4G isn’t everywhere

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