Day 1, Keto diet

January 14, 2012

So far I feel my brain blanking out,spacing out,feeling groggy. Keto diet is very radical for me thus me feeling this way. Basically it’s high in good fats/protein and no carbs. Lots of science behind this type of dieting which has been proven time & again. I’ve been seeing what I ate this whole day and still can’t believe my body is still going.

Asparagus grilled & broccoli with olive oil,almond butter & different types of high fat,omega 3 seeds will be my best friend for the next 5 weeks. I have to take a multi vitamin though to keep my micronutrients in line. I feel like I’m learning so much from my coach,friends & blogs. Also i got a new toy to just keep pushing me further:


Keto diet information

I read this to gain more knowledge on this type of diet, lots of help,great site!


No food like this for awhile. When I do a refeed meal instead of a cheat meal I have to make sure theirs tons of nutritious food,brown rice in it as well,its like carving up from what I’ve read. Wish me luck!

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