This is the weight that I was before I was married,4 years ago! This is just proof that proper dieting ,weight lifting and cardio will get you to where you need to be. I’m feeling vascular,stronger,healthier,more energy throughout the day. With proper nutrition & supplementation I am getting closer to my goal one pound at a time.

This is an example of what I’ve been eating almost every night for dinner,which helps with the binges & wanting to eat salty chips late at night which is really REALLY BAD FOR YOU!
I live mustard by the way.

Becoming more vascular due to my fat loss,I still need to check my Body Fat Percentage to see where I am now.



Inspiring pictures to keep me going.

This is just a sample work out report by my Polar FT80 on today’s leg & cardio workout.


Day 36 on Keto

February 17, 2012

I like to believe that I’m a nice a guy,humble,respectful,a decent person. I work hard for what I want and help others when needed. What astounds me in the gym is how much it’s populated with haters. People at my current gym,Lifetime Fitness, would take my spot on a machine if I went to get a sip of water,yell at me
For dropping the heavy weight hard or when I ask for a spot,not know how to spot. It is what it is,I steer clear of them,with my headphones on,hat down and lift on.
On a brighter not I reached a new low on my weight loss journey:

After stalling at 154 I was able to surpass that hump,by 2lbs! Hopefully I can get it down to 15 by Monday before I refeed on rice and veggies. My diet also has been spot on from what Coach Phil gave me from Team Provo & it’s working well. Here’s some body shots:



As you can see the top abbs are coming beautifully,but I am interested in being proportionate so hopefully with the increased cardio I have been doing that could help. Another factor of my weight loss besides diet & training is Yohimbine HCL:

I can feel the effects of increased blood pressure during or after a workout,but it gets offset when I drink water,sit down,relax. Also I’ve been taking my Multi-vitamin by Gaspari & New Chapter Fish oils,I guess you can do research on them to see why i take them as well.



Nothing is better than green tea in the morning,after of course a Keto style breakfast of halal turkey bacon,fresh spinach,egg whites with spices to start the day! Anyone have any questions please let me know!

Day 26 Keto diet

February 7, 2012

So yesterday at lunch,since I was off from work & had cooked breakfast,done paperwork early I decided to see if coach Phil Provenzano was available for a Leg session for 1 hour at Legendary Diamond Gym in Maplewood,NJ,he was! I basically will most likely train legs only with him,just because he knows his shit & I almost projectile vomit when I lift with him. I haven’t really gotten weaker from what Coach said & my form is spot on,which is always a plus.
Then I had to refeed on 275 grams of white rice which was great since I haven’t had carbs in a week & a half. I woke up weighing myself to this lovely surprise:

A pleasant surprise! Coach said that’s a sign that if I stay on diet then I’ll probably lose more weight by the end of the week.I’ll keep everyone posted.

20120207-121442.jpgthis was 40 minutes on the stair machine with just BCAA flavored water & half a water bottle of MuscleEgg right when I woke up. Also I took 5MG of Yohimbite HCL which is doing wonders!

Keto diet day 24

February 6, 2012

So breakfast was a little different today,I’ve notice that my weight hasn’t been going down as fast as I had anticipated so I decide to go FULL KETO. I had turkey bacon with egg whites and fresh spinach.

I finally got this new toy! So I can finally make accurate readings for my diet.

This was my weight this morning,always fluctuating up & down,but I’ll be fixing that soon!

Day 22 on Keto

February 3, 2012

I’d like to start today’s blog with some pictures




It’s kinda like a story lay out since the last time I blogged. So after day 17 I kept at it at the gym,40 minutes of cardio on the stair master after heavy lifting. Also when I’m not lifting I’ll be doing abbs then cardio. I can visibly see my abbs now in the mirror & boy Is it very exciting. I also broke my plateau and got to 154 this morning,thanks to the Help of coach Phil Provenzano & the inspiration from all my friends & family. My refeed is in a
Couple days so I’ll definitely take a picture of that to share with everyone. I’m still trying to figure out how to link YouTube videos on here. I’ll get it soon.
dead lifting 315lbs before Keto diet

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