Day 26 Keto diet

February 7, 2012

So yesterday at lunch,since I was off from work & had cooked breakfast,done paperwork early I decided to see if coach Phil Provenzano was available for a Leg session for 1 hour at Legendary Diamond Gym in Maplewood,NJ,he was! I basically will most likely train legs only with him,just because he knows his shit & I almost projectile vomit when I lift with him. I haven’t really gotten weaker from what Coach said & my form is spot on,which is always a plus.
Then I had to refeed on 275 grams of white rice which was great since I haven’t had carbs in a week & a half. I woke up weighing myself to this lovely surprise:

A pleasant surprise! Coach said that’s a sign that if I stay on diet then I’ll probably lose more weight by the end of the week.I’ll keep everyone posted.

20120207-121442.jpgthis was 40 minutes on the stair machine with just BCAA flavored water & half a water bottle of MuscleEgg right when I woke up. Also I took 5MG of Yohimbite HCL which is doing wonders!

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