Day 36 on Keto

February 17, 2012

I like to believe that I’m a nice a guy,humble,respectful,a decent person. I work hard for what I want and help others when needed. What astounds me in the gym is how much it’s populated with haters. People at my current gym,Lifetime Fitness, would take my spot on a machine if I went to get a sip of water,yell at me
For dropping the heavy weight hard or when I ask for a spot,not know how to spot. It is what it is,I steer clear of them,with my headphones on,hat down and lift on.
On a brighter not I reached a new low on my weight loss journey:

After stalling at 154 I was able to surpass that hump,by 2lbs! Hopefully I can get it down to 15 by Monday before I refeed on rice and veggies. My diet also has been spot on from what Coach Phil gave me from Team Provo & it’s working well. Here’s some body shots:



As you can see the top abbs are coming beautifully,but I am interested in being proportionate so hopefully with the increased cardio I have been doing that could help. Another factor of my weight loss besides diet & training is Yohimbine HCL:

I can feel the effects of increased blood pressure during or after a workout,but it gets offset when I drink water,sit down,relax. Also I’ve been taking my Multi-vitamin by Gaspari & New Chapter Fish oils,I guess you can do research on them to see why i take them as well.



Nothing is better than green tea in the morning,after of course a Keto style breakfast of halal turkey bacon,fresh spinach,egg whites with spices to start the day! Anyone have any questions please let me know!

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