Leg press 810LBS

April 6, 2012

Just wanted to share a video with my friends and followers 🙂

Leg Pressing after adding only a few carbs!

Here’s a link of the weights I’m doing now:

just added around 40-75 grams of Carbs

Started with a video do everyone knows where I’m at now.

Today after adding more carbohydrates & lifting a lot heavier the muscle that I have made helped burn more fat on my body,thus making me at 145. What I think is mind blowing is at weighting 145 I can deadlift 315 :deadlifting 315
Also at 145 I can bench 100lbs fumbles in each hand.

This has helped me a whole lot,6 pack bag is packed with all my food packed for the day,so wherever I go I don’t get hungry. Last week I added 45 Grams of carbohydrates,then 3 days ago I’ve added 40 more grams of Carbs & all the weight from lifting has went up about 15-20 lbs & I’m still cutting weight!

I started using this EAA during my workout,1-2 scoops,so far it helps
Me with my pumps to prolong them.

An example of one of my meals. I feel like I can diet forever since I have an OCD for keeping things organized & knowing that my food is ready & how much carbs/calories/days I’m ingesting.


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