Sorry for not updating the blog in a month. I have been focusing a lot on my transformation,consistency is key. At times when I feel like I should snack a little bit or eat something totally off the diet,I just look at the pictures of those who made it,of those who are where I am physically & I fall right back on my path to reach my goal.






I was a size 40 last year,now I’m a 27.
I’ve been trying to incorporate HIIT as much as possible throughout my workouts to keep the heart rate going,it’s working well so far,my metabolism is really high and my diet is on par.

20120523-164334.jpg an example of my breakfast.

20120523-164420.jpg my everyday shoes,Vibrams.
Also from 144 lbs I moved back up to 148,fat is melting away still & muscle is forming nicely.

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