Ramadan day 10

July 29, 2012

Sorry for not updating the blog for a few days,I’ve been busy at work most of the time. Everyone in Islam knows that during Ramadan it’s a test of faith,a test of passion,a test of patience and how we have nothing holding us back,we must be the better person in any situation and be patient enough to have faith, passionate enough to care through out any struggle. Ramadan is what I believe when Allah pushes you to the limit,it’s the most sensitive month for a lot of people. I have experienced almost every year that my family would seem to start off great,then half way there experience a problem,which would in turn make everyone’s anger am sensitivity heightened since we are not eating/drinking. Then in the end we all realize what we have done during Ramadan and always ask Allah for forgiveness. I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced this with their family,everyone’s angry,not everyone shows up to eat in the morning or night since someone is mad at another. MY ADVICE: stay humble,stay calm,be patient & remember that these are people you love and care about,even though sometimes you feel they have no brain and are acting improper. The only thing we can do is either try and help the situation by making sure everyone is calm and figure out a compromise,stay out of it if it doesn’t affect you or isn’t a really big deal,never take sides and be the middle person,look through the Hadiths and sayings of all the Prophets(peace be upon them all); try and tell everyone out of love that we shouldn’t even be arguing because it’s Ramadan and Allah wants us to restrain from these things and be pious.


On to my diet part of the blog, I’ve been eating brown rice in the morning along with some type of protein. Then I too it off with smart balance non fat,omega 3 packed milk and Fiber One Cheerios with barely any sugar per serving. Also a bottle of water and a huge cup of green tea. This holds me for the 17 hours in front of the grill until Iftar which I have been eating 5 ounces of grilled chicken breast and more brown rice.

Ramadan day 7

July 26, 2012

This morning I ate fiber filled macaroni with beans,fiber one Cheerios with smart balance fat free milk& Omega 3’s,white rice with lamb chunks. Pretty much carved up for lunch. I’m by myself today on the grill,which is a great learning experience,because in the end you only have Allah and myself to rely on. We will see how Iftar is tonight,hopefully I can get to the gym and work out back along with 25 minutes of cardio or more.

Ramadan Day 6

July 25, 2012

So today is day 6 of Ramadan. Wow. I’m so very proud of myself for getting here, I’m just trying y best to not forget my prayers and performing them properly. I feel like this month,especially out of all the months,God has his ways to communicate to everyone. Today inward greeted by a black and white spider,3 quarters of an inch big,crawling on my shorts while driving; everything’s always a sign. I don’t know for sure what that sign is,but it could mean don’t break your fast or else.

I’ve been working around food so much that I don’t even get hungry. Problem is even though I should be on a Ramadan diet, i pig out on finger foods and snacks after I break my fast. The only solution I feel would best work in this scenario is to prep my food an hour ahead of time. I figured that since I’ll be working out Friday,Saturday,Sunday and Monday nights after 11pm, I would stick to clean eating as much as possible.

I found some pictures of me from the past when I was working out but had no clue about my diet and how it should be implemented to get results:





I’m missing the gym real bad,I figured if I stick to the diet and eat clean during Ramadan then my metabolism will burn the fat and keep some muscle. I know I’ll be leaner but weaker,which is no problem,I even see some belly fat leaving. Hopefully I can stick to the gym schedule for the weekend and not skip a day.

Ramadan Day 5

July 24, 2012

So far so good,just finished lunch service on the grill at the restaurant & I’m dreaming of water with a wedge of lime in it. We ate some take out last night which ha upset red everyone’s stomach,not gonna be getting food from that restaurant. I cooked some great food with the wifey which would last for days:








This morning image a huge bowl of fiber plus Cheerios by Special K,along with smart balance fat free milk,it ain’t apart of the diet but it’s healthy,then I topped it off with a huge cup of green tea,hopefully Ivan hold off until tonight when Iftar(breaking of the fast) is at 8:21pm.

I have come to realize that Fasting isn’t just about how much your body can take,but how much will power you have. Next year the days will get longer and longer until the longest day of the year,June 21st.
Will update shortly after Iftar.

Ramadan day 4

July 24, 2012

So it’s my first day off during Ramadan, it’s great to catch up on sleep. I had to run errands, then I was able to work on some kitchen projects at the restaurant.

20120724-005733.jpg carrot pie.
I didn’t stick to the diet at all today since I wasn’t working, right now I just downed 8 Oreos with milk.

Ramadan Day 3

July 23, 2012

So far so good! I’ve realized that I need to eat more slow digesting carbs like oatmeal or Brown rice in the morning because towards the end of the day I feel so drained and exhausted. Maybe it’s from working and on my feet too long but yesterday was a slow day for lunch. I probably need to catch up on sleep. I was contemplating on writing an email to my coach that I need to take a break from lifting and dieting since I started fasting,but decided to tell him I won’t be able to follow the diet 100%. After now realizing that and eating my breakfast of lasagna and captain crunch cereal,feeling guilty isn’t what I want to feel in the morning. I will break my fast InshAllah the way My diet says and go to the gym tonight early since I’m off from work. Then catch my sleep for two days and go again Thursday or Friday.


My gadgets to keep me nerdy and my cat staying cute to make me feel better. Time for day 4!

Ramadan day 2

July 21, 2012

So I am trying my best to use up all of the word press I have since I had gotten the subscription for it. This is the rules I’m trying to follow this month and hopefully the following after:


I woke up after a 2.5 hour nap and ate what was on the diet thanks to Coach Phil. 1 cup of oatmeal which I downed with no problem ,1 hard boiled egg and 2 ounces of lean beef,I’m supposed to eat more beef but I filled myself up with water instead; now I would need to start eating at 3 instead of 3:30 to allow the food to travel down my intestine along with the water so I can still have room to eat what’s on the diet. Tonight I will most definitely stick to the diet,by breaking my fast with almond butter & chicken first. Then post/pre workout meals when I get out of work. I just hope I’m not too full to eat again in the AM.

Tonight I’ll be lifting chest &;shoulders,this should be interesting since I’m fasting and all.

So at 8:22 PM I was able to break my fast with water, a date, Starbucks frappacinno with two shots of expresso. after that I kept on drinking a lot of water to keep me full and a spoonful of almond butter to hold me through with the carbohydrates. Then at 9:40 I finished my pre-workout meal of brown rice and grilled chicken breast and now I’m on my way to the gym, hopefully I’ll be able to pull through. the reason I need to go to the gym on Friday and Saturday along with Sunday nights is because I open the restaurant much later therefore I get more time to sleep.

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