Sorry for not updating…

July 6, 2012

So I haven’t update my word press in over a month,for that I am sorry. Life has been very busy at the moment & I haven’t gotten a chance to express my life in words to you all.



My brother in law came from Afghanistan,we had a huge wedding,then our grill master left from the restaurant and now I am the replacement. Grilling 10 hours a day,sweating like 10 ounces a day! That’s pretty much my cardio,as long as I stick to the diet then lift and do the stair master at night then I’m usually fine. For the last 2 weeks though I would be on and off,sticking to the diet then splurging on carbs. The weird thing is since weight fluctuates,the most I’ve been was 154 lbs and the least is 148 lbs. Today was the first day back to the gym after an 8 day break,shoulders & triceps along with a 25 minute stair master session; burned 935 calories. I’ve only noticed my stomach getting more bloated when I eat my pre & post workout meals,that’s due to cheating to the diet on previous days. Once Ramadan starts I’ll be fasting 18 hours a day,so I’ll eat 4 meals in the morning & breaking my fast with a small meal,then pre workout meal followed by a post workout meal once I’m done. I took a month and a half off from my coach to try and prep myself for fasting but once Ramadan is complete then I’ll be trying to switch to a new diet,just to experiment with the body.

One Response to “Sorry for not updating…”

  1. L-Jay Health Says:

    You are leaning out great! Good job man! Keep up the good work!

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