Ramadan Day 6

July 25, 2012

So today is day 6 of Ramadan. Wow. I’m so very proud of myself for getting here, I’m just trying y best to not forget my prayers and performing them properly. I feel like this month,especially out of all the months,God has his ways to communicate to everyone. Today inward greeted by a black and white spider,3 quarters of an inch big,crawling on my shorts while driving; everything’s always a sign. I don’t know for sure what that sign is,but it could mean don’t break your fast or else.

I’ve been working around food so much that I don’t even get hungry. Problem is even though I should be on a Ramadan diet, i pig out on finger foods and snacks after I break my fast. The only solution I feel would best work in this scenario is to prep my food an hour ahead of time. I figured that since I’ll be working out Friday,Saturday,Sunday and Monday nights after 11pm, I would stick to clean eating as much as possible.

I found some pictures of me from the past when I was working out but had no clue about my diet and how it should be implemented to get results:





I’m missing the gym real bad,I figured if I stick to the diet and eat clean during Ramadan then my metabolism will burn the fat and keep some muscle. I know I’ll be leaner but weaker,which is no problem,I even see some belly fat leaving. Hopefully I can stick to the gym schedule for the weekend and not skip a day.

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