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December 22, 2012

Everyone always try’s to stay positive I assume. Try & be proper,try to live life based on their beliefs & tradition. Sometimes we just cave in & fall victim to stress. There’s always has to be a rock in a relationship & a down to earth person; a dreamer & a believer,a positive to a negative. But sometimes both positives or negatives are a good thing. What I’m really trying to get at is how people mask their emotions through actions that sometimes make no sense or sometimes unintentionally hurt others feelings. The question is what to do,how to act? Get to their level and retaliate? Take the Ghandi approach & try to keep the peace? What do you do when someone becomes so stubborn? Or what to do if someone is always forgiving you for the stupid mistakes you always do? Allah knows best

Day 66 of cutting diet

December 22, 2012

So today was the end of the Mayan Calendar,good for them.
In other news here is my new weight:


Here are some workouts from the past that I have logged:






Also I got a new kick ass jacket:



Some of my food while dieting:




Since my wife’s classes are done for a month I can work out early in the morning& do cardio before leaving for work at 9:20AM. Problem is my wife wants me to stay up & watch movies,but I try to doze off at 12AM always. But then I cannot get up early enough for AM cardio on my off days. I will try and sleep extra early tonight in order to workout early tomorrow morning hopefully.

Day 50 cutting diet

December 5, 2012

This was my morning cardio burn since the stair machine was taken:


These are other workouts & cardio I have been tracking:






I’ll be getting the Jawbone Up very soon,I’ll post a review on that as well,but in the meantime I enjoy The Verge’s review on it:
Jawbone Up Review




Some pics on info for healthy veggies & my mixed green salad with Kale added to it,amazing!

Wanted to update everyone

December 2, 2012

So far I e been keeping up with the diet,weight has been dropping slowly. Coach have me more exercises,HIIT style cardio on my off days to keep the metabolism really high. I have 2 off days a week so most likely I would treat my HIIT training like a workout,having my pre workout meal an hour before doing Sprints or stationary Bike.
Here was my calorie count today since I couldn’t get to the damn stairmaster in time today,trophy wives used it for some weird dance/stepping routine. I ended up doing 7 intervals of HIIT sprints with 2:1 ratios & 50 burpees,ab workouts then finished with calves.


First Time rack Deadlifting

December 1, 2012

so I usually do the whole deadlift, from the ground up, but my coach said i need to do Rack Deadlifts as well, part of the Team Provo work out plan to better shape by body. I must say, adding a little more weight to mainley target the lower back is a good feeling indeed!

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