Transformation for yourself is like growing up

March 13, 2013

I want to first start off with this link that got me to start today’s blog: I won’t lose

I was thinking, we rely in our parents growing up,we rely on them for everything; sometimes we rely on them even when we shouldn’t and are too old. I know I do,we all do that. If you want to take matters into your own hands, if you want to stand on your own two feet and be an independent man or women then you need to take responsibility not only of your actions but of your thoughts and words. You need to recognize what your doing wrong and see how you can fix it. With me it was how I was eating everyday & how I was working out. I know 5 years ago I was crazy strong,but due to a stupid injury on my part I had to rehab myself back to perform properly at the GM but never as heavy anymore. It bothers me still to this day. An example was back in the day right after high school I was able to do 80 lbs each arm for dumbel press 8 times, I did t without a spotter and my arm went totally the wrong way. I heard a rip and pop,I knew there it wouldn’t be the same then. My shoulder had gotten swollen the next day and I couldn’t move it at all. I spent 8 months eating whatever I wanted, hating all the fit people I saw, becoming jealous,envious if the people I went to school with, I started cursing my genes and how I’ve become. It wasn’t till I walked up a flight if stairs and almost collapsed that I realized that I need to take matters into my own hands and stop being a lazy person. Many diseases start off with obesity or being over weight. I wouldn’t let me genes determine who I was or my laziness,it was time to act. So I had cut the body fat from my bringing BMI of 30% all the way down to 12%, rose up to 19% cut again down to 11% & now I’m doing a clean and healthy bulk to gain muscle. I still do cardio everyday but my diet is the one thing I need to keep my finger on. We can’t rely on other people to motivate us,it always and must come working. Are you tired of looking at the mirror at the same over weight you? Are you tired of being out if breath,not able to run a mile under 10 min?? Take charge of your life because in the end no one will do anything for you except you, what the mind wants,it’ll get so focus yourself mentally and through the Grace of God it’ll come to you when you put your Mind to it.


When I’m hungry I snack on cucumbers and spice.


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