You deserve it

April 28, 2013

“You deserve it” very broad,very meaningful. This sentence can have two meanings,good and bad. For me,I always look at it in a bad sense. I am one to never gloat, never be consumed by pride or otherwise. I feel like anything bad that has happened to me is by my doing,karma if you will, has affected me more than once. God is punishing me now & will punish me in the next life for the things I have done in this life. I regret a lot of things,not praying as much or giving money to the poor amongst other things. Whenever I’m put in a bad situation it’s because I put myself there. Whenever I’m happy,I’m most content and silent. Whenever I’m upset or saddened I keep to myself and get the job done at hand. I worry too much about everything & do everything so that no one is sad,unhappy or frustrated & yet it never is enough. Oh what do we do in situations like these when we cannot make right for what was wronged, make someone happy who isn’t happy. Please only God for he is the Almighty & All knowing, he is the only judge & with his mercy can you find it in yourself to fight yourself to be a better,stronger you than before. What can we do in the face of those negative,Thank God that its his test to you, embrace it with peace and love. Embrace the situation that you have been placed in & follow the Hadiths & Holy Scriptures passed down to us. Yes the world changes everyday, people change everyday,society & culture wasn’t the same as it once was many years ago, but you are you and you are the same either this day or tomorrow. It’s up to you to allow these worldly situations & people just like you to change who you are. But remember,every human being just like you knows the difference between right and wrong & when you make your decision,make it for peace and love,in the name of God.

In my opinion,living simple,with no expectations is a way of riding yourself of unnecessary stress. Eat(diet),Pray,Love,workout

Day 61 on gaining diet

April 3, 2013

Today I’d like to talk about stress while dieting. Dieting does play a a role in our Dailey lives and can cause some type of stress triggered by an event or person. Speaking from experience, eating “small” meals through out the day will help with weight loss or weight gain, but the perception that your still hungry while cutting or “I want to try something else but can’t” thought while gaining can cause a reaction in the brain if we choose it to. During my 16 week cutting phase I limited myself to almost every finger food within my grasp. Working at a restaurant has proven at times to be extremely difficult to diet clean and yet I have been successful. If you don’t time yourself after each meal then your body will tell you when it’s hungry while you aren’t stressed or busy; but when your hungry that’s when chemicals in the body start to take a toll. It’s extremely important to eat within every 2-3 hours of your last meal to stop your body from going into a catabolic state. learn about Catabolic state here.

An example of when we should eat is with someone who’s diabetic. If the diabetic person does not eat every three hours then they become grumpy first, then angry and very tired as if they are about to crash. I base this on my grandmother and my father, my father is prediabetic so usually we are on top of him on eating all the time.

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