On the road to Afghanistan

May 28, 2013

So here we are,my wife and I,traveling. We got 3 hours of sleep last night,woke up at 5 am,got ready and headed out with our luggage. 20130528-111203.jpg


We left at 6:15 am and didn’t arrive at JFK till 8am.

The check in desk opened at 9 am, we weighed our luggage at home last night,then this morning before they opened. The Rules are each passenger is allowed 50 lbs each luggage,which should be 32 inches long I believe,like a duffle bag. We brought 9 bags with each one weighing 65 lbs each just incase something was a little over or not. Good thing I lift weights because these bags were insanely light,everyone was looking at me as if I had super strength haha.
Saliha and I said our tearful goodbyes to everyone & went through security. I’m not surprised on how overpriced everything is,all these fancy expensive stores,even the snack stands were charging $3 for a bottled water! I was going to buy those neck pillows but they costed $32 so I figured I’ll live haha. I was so relieved to see one of these though:


Everything’s charged,thanks to all of you for saying good bye,you are all in our prayers, we will update you once we land in Turkey at 5am their time InshaAllah.


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