So it’s day 6 here in Kabul, Afghanistan & I have already barged my brains out & had diarrhea, I am officially in Kabul now haha. I’m actually surprised, my metabolism has been sped up due to my months of dieting that after I got sick,within in hours of sleep and plenty of fluids I heal up. Ramadan starts on July 8th,which will be very exciting for sure since we are spending half of it here in Afghanistan. Here are some pictures of what’s close by, we haven’t traveled to other places yet but we will before Ramadan:









Kabul is an amazing place,so manny people,amazing scenery,great food & always surrounded by beautiful mountains. In went to a small,basement like gym already after almost 2 weeks of traveling and recuperating:





It was great to get a good workout in,I mailed my supplements from New Jersey to Kabul exactly 2 weeks ago so anyway now in should get them. In the mean time my ore workout is Monster Energy Drink and they have EAS packaged protein shake if 20 grams of protein each so most likely I’ll drink 2 after my workout with either white rice or bread. I eyeball all my food instead of weighing them because my scale isn’t here and my family who lives in a third world country would think me crazy for limiting my food intake with a scale hahaha. I am so grateful to God for giving me this experience and time to relax from work, after 5 years of work I can enjoy vacation with my wife,who as well hasn’t seen her family in 5 years. It will never be that long again & we will visit at least every 1-2 years,saving is always important folks!


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