How I see & deal with stress

September 30, 2013

So today I had helped a friend whom I consider family overcome her stress,she’s patient for the most part but even the most patient of us have our day to melt down & today was hers. I explained to her how I deal with stress. Whenever I get yelled at for explaining the bills or accounting errors or just get yelled at in general,I think later on about how grateful I am. How each problem I have is a blessing in disguise,how it’s a test for me on how I can act or react upon it. I think about those children in Afghanistan who have nothing to their name,they dig through trash everyday to collect plastic or metal to get .05 cents per aluminum can & that’s if thy are lucky! I think about how much I’ve been given, on how I should be happy and thankful. Most people will not care about other peoples situation because simply, it doesn’t affect their way of life at all. That is where we need to fix this. I was exposed to poverty at a very early age & not the poverty we have in NYC for example but the type of poverty in Afghanistan where opportunity is surrounding you,where the dollar is like having 100 dollars there in a third world country. I see people work, I see them work hard. I see the poor, I see them beg and cry and pray, I would usually wonder why they don’t get a job, only to find out that they can’t and that they actually sold their children to stay alive and feed themselves. When I think of these few powerful things I thank God, I thank God for putting me in that situation,good or bad,stressful or not, I Thank God for giving me the opportunity to win, the opportunity to fail; why fail you say? In the famous words of Thomas Wayne, father of Bruce Wayne,” why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to get back up”. She stopped crying after that conversation.

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