I will make this as short as possible:
My brother in law,wali, and I went at 3 am to wait in line for the new iPhone 5s. We were excited as every year & sleepy. We walked in the store by 8 AM & walked out by 8:10. Went home,popped the SIM card from the old iPhone 5 into the new one and got the most annoying message:Sim card cannot be activated,this is not a hardware issue but a SIM issue,please put in the proper card and contact apple.
So of course instead of trying to catch some sleep for a long Friday ahead of me with dealing on a double shift,I call Verizon,go through all their sim help walk throughs, Then I go to work. At work we get a large group of Verizon IT employees every other day so I’m very friendly with them. I asked them why are they staying too long for lunch when my phone has a problem with their network in a joking manner. To my surprise these guys took it seriously and asked to see my phone,they got my number and said once they get to the office that they will immediately check on the problem, great customer service. I went back to the apple store and the Verizon rep said there’s a problem with people who bought the phone straight outright without a contract and that it’ll take a few hours to fix,so I had talked with apple and they said it definitely is with Verizon on the problem. So later on the Verizon IT crew called and said it’s a nationwide problem and that they are working around the clock to fix it right away, I was relieved about that. On top of that a Verizon service rep texted me to assure me that the problem had been fixed and to try the SIM cards out,I did late after work and it worked. I’d like to thank Verizon for being there and to help me with this very annoying problem while I was running on 3 hours of sleep.

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