Weight loss journey,11/24/13

November 25, 2013

So far it’s been great,best cutting phase yet. I was on vacation for 50 days so I ate everything,dirty bulking I guess. Then I came back to the US and jumped straight into Ramadan,which in turned slowed down my metabolism & at points deprived me of sleep. But here I am, I started Keto diet since the weight wouldn’t come off as quick,I was stuck at 163 lbs. Here’s a link of my progress recorded: https://www.icloud.com/iw/#pages/BAKK0PQnBFr0da_q9FaBU5NK4aLh37VIkHiE/Weight









These are some pics of my calories burned,some of my meals,how my legs are developing and how I’m just looking recently. I haven’t updated in awhile so I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop.

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