Apple watch,Day 3

May 1, 2015

so far I love setting up the Apple watch,such a simple yet unique way to do it. The packaging is just making you feel like a million bucks. 

I started with the Apple watch Sport,which was great. The rubberized band was perfect for working out,yet to put it on was kinda a pain. 

Then I got the middle class version,Apple watch. With the shiny body and bezels,it reminded me of the time I had the original iPhone and iPhone 3GS,good times.


Will continue my review after a week or so. 

ill just start off first with some progress shots.  

So obviously I have lost some weight and body fat. I’ve been doing the contest prep diet from Coach Phil Provanzano for 3 months now which consists of 5 meals with fats,proteins and some greens. Then the other 2 meals consist of carbs and proteins. The first carb meal would be right after my workout and the last one would be my last meal of the night. 
I also made some turkey meatballs baked to replace my boring chicken breast,man was that fun and tasty! 

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