Safari 024

So 2 weeks after the release of the iPhone 6S my phone’s gyroscope wouldn’t be working properly for some weird reason. I couldn’t take side ways shots, watch youtube movies in full screen, that kinda bummed me out. So i made a freaking reservation at a store that doesn’t sell food, the Apple store in Bridgewater, by the way with impeccable service, and waited 3 days for the appointment. After resetting the phone with the phone tech, proving that the gyroscope indeed wasn’t working ,t hey swapped me out with another brand new phone, i hope, instead of a refurbished one. But then i noticed that the Health app wasn’t syncing with my Wahoo fitness app to show my calories burned during my workout. This meant that all my fitness tracking was for nothing! quickly i was on the phone with Apple care for atleast 4 hours restoring my phone from my mac, with an iCloud back up from yesterday before i swapped my phone, and 2 weeks ago and yet, the tracking was still not working. Even restoring it as a brand new phone the tracking chip was not even counting my steps or sharing data when i try an manually acknowledge it. I came here to the apple store an hour before they close, where they are slammed today with only 2 technicians working the floor and 20 people before me, hopefully someone doesn’t show or they help me towards the end since I’m starving, but remembering that patience always helps out in the end. In the mean time i’ll use this time to update my blog after a long ass time, use the tech available to me to ease my time waiting. Maybe i should be doing another review on a device in the next week, i have a surplus of credit that should allow me to get a new toy, but the new iPad pro is coming out so i will definitely do a crazy extensive review on that and testing its power as well as its everyday use for it. I just loaded a picture of Africa on the top just because the  mac I’m using had some cool pictures of Africa, sometimes it helps to move your brain somewhere tranquil and peaceful for the time being while you deal with every day stress and hunger, hahaha. I’ll update everyone sometime soon, once i get this problem fixed to show how awesome Apple customer service is, now only if Google had followed in their footsteps and had a physical brick and mortar store for people with specific android device problems to work out!

UPDATE 10/24/15

So i had to go the next day towards the end of the store hours to fix my iphone 6S again, which ended up being swapped for a brand new phone, second time. But then i realized that its not the chip that was messing up, it just wasnt responding for some bizarre reason to my icloud back up. It seems everytime my back up would load and finish downloading that it would paralyze the M9 chip( i think thats the name of the motion sensor chip). Thus leaving it worthless really, but since im a fitness and tech geek that wouldnt fly with me. So i had to start my phone as a brand new phone, downloaded only the essential apps that i use daily or every other day. The phone felt cleaner, faster and just all around premium. A big thanks to Apple for dealing with my problems and a big Frowny face to Apple icloud engineers for not dealing with this problem. But hopefully somehow its documented.

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