Keto day 14

December 30, 2015

I got down to 159.9 lbs, it’s a god number but not satisfying, I’d rather get o 159.5 or bellow to count it asa win for me and my coach. I had a good weekend, worked so much that sometimes I forget to ea, thus having hand protein bars or protein chips on the side to help me get through a crazy diner/lunch shift without going catabolic. It’s always better though to eat real food when available, maybe I should prep my foods in the beginning of my shifts so that once t gets busy I can scarf them down quickly.  

Dropped my eggs, lost protein, so mad. 
This is how I look when I wake up in the morning to do a fasted workout and fasted cardio. 


So far my legs have been on point after the loweback injury, pulled muscle. I train my quads just as hard as you hamstrings,just to keep them equally aesthetic and proportionate. The problem I will always have is the lower a fat, I can definitely tell its shrinking, but the one thing every person lacks in body transformation is patience, that’s what I’m working towards. 
Here’s a link to a small leg session on what I did yesterday at LifeTime fitness:Quick leg session!!!!

Keto diet day 9

December 25, 2015

So as everyone would know, weight flxtutes everyday depending on what you eat and what you drink. My weight at the moment is still at 160 lbs but I’m almost her at getting that new weight goal very soon, I can feel it for sure! This is where I’m currently at:  


I still haven’t gotten a chance to check Out my body fat percentage,but soon for sure,maybe Rutgers University sciences has a wayto Do that,or The athletic department. 

In the mean time I will probaly just use the pinch scale for it. I have missed cardio once this week, only because I was crunched for the at work and could onlget a quick chest and back workout in but hopfully today I can squeeze in cardio. Today I will tempt to try legs with my bel on so hat I won’t be t risk of injuries, this will be the first leg workout in 2 weeks since the injury on my lower bac,pulled muscle. I barely feel the pain anymore in the morons when I wake up so I’m pretty sure that stretching before hand and warm up Sets will work. I keep doing air squats for the last 3 days just to keep the or back in check. In between the sets I’ll be doing a 30 second speed rope set just to squeeze in my cardio at the same time.  Here’s a picture of a few meals formed Pugh my Keto diet requirements. 


Keto diet Day 6

December 22, 2015

  So far so good, I dropped 3 lbs in 7 days thanks to strict Keto diet and a strict cardio regiment everyday.

On Mondays I usually have a cheat meal, so this Monday was mainly carb ,300 grams worth of carbs and italian food. I still need to check y body fat percentage, probably soon for sure. This Monday besides working out and getting in my cardio I was able to fora nice, short bike idea as well as get my GoPros on with the element cam and chest cam. Video will be posted in the next blog, or a short 4K trailer version.  

Keto diet day 4

December 20, 2015

So far so good. I can tell through the minor that.   My body fat percentage has changed a lot, lowered down for sure. My upper abs are popping out more, it’s just that lower ab fat that’s stubborn. What I’m happy about is that im getting my cardio in everyday, mostly stair machine and all. On the star machine I’m doing between 35 to 45 minutes cardio with my BPM(beast per minute) between 150-167. I keep  my friends, customers family updated when they ask, only thing is I always hear,”Well if I had enough free time like you then would be doing the same thing.” ……No you wouldn’t. There’s so much time in the day where you can go to the gym, you Really need 1-1.5 hours in the gym to complete weights and cardio. I have to be at work by 11am and leave usually by 10 or 11 pm, so I make it a hit o sleep way before midnight so I can wake up early and do a fasted cardio or a fasted workout followed by fasted cardio in the same time. I get up at 8 or 7 am o get everything don with, but the good thing is that there’s a gym literally within half a mile from where I live. If you really want it then go out and get it, have the patience for it, plan everything accordingly and yes I’ve hours curve balls at you but thats where your creative thinking come into play, simple time Managment fixes, extra food made ahead just in case you need to travel. 


Some of my Keto meals today.

Keto diet day 2, 2015

December 18, 2015

So far so good, I just came back from a mid afternoon lift, my meal wa 3.5 ounces of chicken breast grilled and 23 almonds. Then an hour later I went to do shoulders and triceps, followed by a 35 minute cardio session on the stair machine. I felt God and strong, still on Keto die, going hard and staying  on the diet. Most likely I wil behaving a reseed day on Monday or Wednesday; I’m honking  maybe even Thursday, since it’ll complete a full week and that I’m at he restaurant al day so it’ll beers to prep my food fresh.  


My sleep schedule has been a little thrown off since I went with large group of 15 nerds to heck out he new Sta Wrs movie:The Force Awakens and here my review base off of seeing it once. 

The character development is great, the writing is phenomenal. The story moved at a pace where the audience we’re omfotable and understood what was going on, but as hardcore nerd we had so many questions and noticed some Easter eggs. The lighsaber scenes  were great and full of smile lighsaber swinging action just like the original ones. Was very sad at a specific scene but I won’t spoil it for anyone who has arched the movies yet, but it has made me wonder how the story will move forward. Here are some beer the movie selfies with friends:

Also a slow mo video of me playing around with its my friends home made lighsaber so much fun!
Also hers a youtubelink as well: 
Lightsaber fun!

Day 1 of Keto, 2015

December 18, 2015

So to burn more fat Andy et my lady down to 6-5% body fa we have switched to a keto diet, kinda like a last resort when it comes for my specific edit, what my coach also thinks for me as well. Pretty much fats and proteins with ever meal, lots of veggies with ever meal as well, mainly steamed broccoli for mesic it easy to make.  


Pictures ar Lloyd taken from y iPhone 6S by the way.

So far I feel ok, energized at times,buts urging my back workout I felt a bit wee, which is ok because I’m happy at least I’m still moving the same weigh as last week. My cardio for this weeks o art has been on par, 30-45 minuets usually right a term y would or if I get up early enough I’ll do a fasted workout Andy hen followed by a fade cardio right away, but ha usually takes me 1-2 hours sometimes. I do Drink my BCAA’s with y glutamine in them to keep my muscles fro failing or eating at each other during y workouts. 

Front shot and leg shot usually after cardio. Sporting my Vibrams, those are ssentials when it’s leg day or when it’s deadlifting day.  

Another picture of my monsterous friend and I after our workout, this was right after I injured my lower back doing deadlifts. I was trying a new motion my face fiend had showed me but I guess I went on heavy. That happened 4 days go so I’m still dealing with it still ,I’m at 70% right now so no squats or deadlifting till next Monday. My attire.  Is from Aesthetic Gym Wear, my friends is his own company called Forward Uprsing apparel.
I also got myself a Chest GoPro mount for my mountain biking  since supposedly this winter is gonna be a warm one. 

This its current weather condition in the middle of Decmber, this means I can go mountain biking in a hoodie. Here’s a link of my first bike ride with a GoPor Session:

First Bike Ride!

Now that got technialy 3 GoPros, I’ll have view of the chest and Handel bars,helme andbehind me. Plus I can position cameras on branches to get some good shots while I’m going down hill or almost crashing. 

Also I finally finished the original Star Wars trilogy again right befor he new movie is showing the tonight, we got a big group so it’ll be a lot fun for sure!

So far lif has been blessful. My work life and fitness life has always been side by side, some days I can’t even get al 5 of my meals in, I’m forced to eat on the go and sometimes sleep hungry, but hats life fit life I hope. Recently I have Ben on a 3 week plateau, staying a t the weight of 164 lbs, but overcame that after doing more cardio each day and believe it or not taking rest days to read myself and my body. Now my current weight is 162 lbs, hopefully by the next week I can get down to anothe pound or two. Normally I hear some progress pictures but I’m using y ipadpro, which doesn’t have that many so here’s also a video to add to the whole blog, thanks for reading for folks.
Clic below to checkout the crazy leg day!


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