Update on how things are going. 

December 13, 2015

So far lif has been blessful. My work life and fitness life has always been side by side, some days I can’t even get al 5 of my meals in, I’m forced to eat on the go and sometimes sleep hungry, but hats life fit life I hope. Recently I have Ben on a 3 week plateau, staying a t the weight of 164 lbs, but overcame that after doing more cardio each day and believe it or not taking rest days to read myself and my body. Now my current weight is 162 lbs, hopefully by the next week I can get down to anothe pound or two. Normally I hear some progress pictures but I’m using y ipadpro, which doesn’t have that many so here’s also a video to add to the whole blog, thanks for reading for folks.
Clic below to checkout the crazy leg day!


One Response to “Update on how things are going. ”

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