Day 1 of Keto, 2015

December 18, 2015

So to burn more fat Andy et my lady down to 6-5% body fa we have switched to a keto diet, kinda like a last resort when it comes for my specific edit, what my coach also thinks for me as well. Pretty much fats and proteins with ever meal, lots of veggies with ever meal as well, mainly steamed broccoli for mesic it easy to make.  


Pictures ar Lloyd taken from y iPhone 6S by the way.

So far I feel ok, energized at times,buts urging my back workout I felt a bit wee, which is ok because I’m happy at least I’m still moving the same weigh as last week. My cardio for this weeks o art has been on par, 30-45 minuets usually right a term y would or if I get up early enough I’ll do a fasted workout Andy hen followed by a fade cardio right away, but ha usually takes me 1-2 hours sometimes. I do Drink my BCAA’s with y glutamine in them to keep my muscles fro failing or eating at each other during y workouts. 

Front shot and leg shot usually after cardio. Sporting my Vibrams, those are ssentials when it’s leg day or when it’s deadlifting day.  

Another picture of my monsterous friend and I after our workout, this was right after I injured my lower back doing deadlifts. I was trying a new motion my face fiend had showed me but I guess I went on heavy. That happened 4 days go so I’m still dealing with it still ,I’m at 70% right now so no squats or deadlifting till next Monday. My attire.  Is from Aesthetic Gym Wear, my friends is his own company called Forward Uprsing apparel.
I also got myself a Chest GoPro mount for my mountain biking  since supposedly this winter is gonna be a warm one. 

This its current weather condition in the middle of Decmber, this means I can go mountain biking in a hoodie. Here’s a link of my first bike ride with a GoPor Session:

First Bike Ride!

Now that got technialy 3 GoPros, I’ll have view of the chest and Handel bars,helme andbehind me. Plus I can position cameras on branches to get some good shots while I’m going down hill or almost crashing. 

Also I finally finished the original Star Wars trilogy again right befor he new movie is showing the tonight, we got a big group so it’ll be a lot fun for sure!

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