Keto diet day 9

December 25, 2015

So as everyone would know, weight flxtutes everyday depending on what you eat and what you drink. My weight at the moment is still at 160 lbs but I’m almost her at getting that new weight goal very soon, I can feel it for sure! This is where I’m currently at:  


I still haven’t gotten a chance to check Out my body fat percentage,but soon for sure,maybe Rutgers University sciences has a wayto Do that,or The athletic department. 

In the mean time I will probaly just use the pinch scale for it. I have missed cardio once this week, only because I was crunched for the at work and could onlget a quick chest and back workout in but hopfully today I can squeeze in cardio. Today I will tempt to try legs with my bel on so hat I won’t be t risk of injuries, this will be the first leg workout in 2 weeks since the injury on my lower bac,pulled muscle. I barely feel the pain anymore in the morons when I wake up so I’m pretty sure that stretching before hand and warm up Sets will work. I keep doing air squats for the last 3 days just to keep the or back in check. In between the sets I’ll be doing a 30 second speed rope set just to squeeze in my cardio at the same time.  Here’s a picture of a few meals formed Pugh my Keto diet requirements. 


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