Keto day 14

December 30, 2015

I got down to 159.9 lbs, it’s a god number but not satisfying, I’d rather get o 159.5 or bellow to count it asa win for me and my coach. I had a good weekend, worked so much that sometimes I forget to ea, thus having hand protein bars or protein chips on the side to help me get through a crazy diner/lunch shift without going catabolic. It’s always better though to eat real food when available, maybe I should prep my foods in the beginning of my shifts so that once t gets busy I can scarf them down quickly.  

Dropped my eggs, lost protein, so mad. 
This is how I look when I wake up in the morning to do a fasted workout and fasted cardio. 


So far my legs have been on point after the loweback injury, pulled muscle. I train my quads just as hard as you hamstrings,just to keep them equally aesthetic and proportionate. The problem I will always have is the lower a fat, I can definitely tell its shrinking, but the one thing every person lacks in body transformation is patience, that’s what I’m working towards. 
Here’s a link to a small leg session on what I did yesterday at LifeTime fitness:Quick leg session!!!!

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