Starting New

February 28, 2016

So my coach wants me to start over and we try somethings new with the diet. My body responds verse will to carbs as well as ketosis. So I have a cheat meal on Monday, I recently had to cut out dessert from cheat meals, then I have a “refeed” day on Fridays which is carbs with proteins, 4 meals and one meal with protein and fats. The rest of the week is just fats with proteins and veggies. Week one has gone, with a good drop in weight and less fluctuation.  






Above are some of the meals I have been eating. 




 Arms are getting much more vascular, signs of cutting diet working. Most of the fat is obviously the lower abs and ass that I’m holding it, but cardio everyday for 45 minuets will show sooner or later. I now realize that cardio has been one of the most important things for me and my body type since I’m short and stocky. I haven’t been doing it early though just because during. The week I don’t have time, unless I get up at 6, do at least 30 minutes on the spin bike then eat my preworkout meal and wait 1 hour to lift. That would be ideal, but like I said I have no time sadly. 
I recently started a snapchat, thatgeekfromthe, follow me!

Here’s some snaps:

Then here are some better quality videos from back day for everyone:

I never used to wear these types of shits just becaus my scars would show, but I decided fuck it, I need to get some sun and keep the skin healthy. I’m not afraid anymore to sho what I am, I used to wear 3 shirts to cover my man boobs and fat, but ever since I started working with coach Phil, I lost the weight, gained the muscle and now I’m happy with where I’m at, but this time with the new cutting diet I would like to get to 5% body fat.

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