So I did back yesterday, pushed myself real hard, certain enough I ripped some new muscle fibers in order to grow, which essentially is how muscles grow in the gym.  

Also I try my best to match my gym wear and that now carries on to my rest days. Today is a rest day and I need to appreciate the rest day, nurture it, eat right, zero carbs on rest days as well. Hopefully I will have enough energy to just have a nice quick cardio session afterwards, on the spin bike, maybe 25 minutes HIIT. 

I had no option but to have this as a post workout snack along with my protein, not bad, very low fat, 29 grams of carbs from rice and corn, no gluten, which in a way makes a big difference. 

Also I’ve been having a blast on Snap chat, my handle is thatgeekfromthe, very interesting to see how it works.  

So I had spoken with Coach Phil, introduced him to the other diet plan I was given, then we made a choice to start carb cycling but with him since he knows my body better than others, he’s been my couch for over 3 years now. He knows how my body reacts to carbs, fats and sugars. We even targeted my high carb days on the same day as my cheat meal so that my body can utilize all the carbohydrates ingested. We completely changed everything on Monday and it’s Wednesday, I’m feeling the soreness creep on, with carbs comes strength and a full roundness of the muscles. I can definitely feel the results of carbs coming back into my diet, along with how well the pump feels. I’m going to do my research on the combination of carbs versus no carbs for pre and post workouts along with the importance of it, maybe with medical journals as well. 

Right now I’ve been dealing with some work stress here at work. Trying my best to reach out to other malls about how to get the ball rolling on putting in a Silk Road Express/Gyro place in as well as maybe another fine dining place. But in all honesty, I would rather have an express store, deal with take outs and fancy fast food, not worry about the front end but more of the kitchen, stocking part. At the current moment though I’m trying to get rid of these damn hiccups!

Sorry for not updating the blog as often as I’d like. First, since I’ve been using an iPad Pro, 13 inch model,the case that came with it is made by Logitech, the asthmatics of it is amazing, full defense against anything that could happen to the iPad. Only problem was that the keyboard sucked at getting all of my typing down, it was pretty much delayed by 1 second, which made blogging very tough. But now, with a new update finally coming along, it is pretty much like a laptop. Which leads me to think, will I still need a laptop to edit my 4K videos or can I still use my iMac desktop, OR just update my iMac once and use the one at home for work since the one at work kinda sucks now, it’s from 2008. In the mean time, time flies too fast, my weight kept fluctuating from 158 lbs to 162 lbs. My training and cardio regiment was on Par, I was training for an hour almost everyday and doing cardio for 35-45 minutes Daily, mostly after my workout. My diet was also in check, no carbs for 5 days, 1 high carb day and technically 1 low carb day since it was no carbs and a cheat meal. So in a way I was comfortable on where I’m at, not as much veggies, only fats and proteins, kinda like a struggle, only thing is I would be tempted to eat fruit from time and again which would slow me down too much. Right when I was thinking nothing can be done, I saw an Instagram post by a guy I follow, coolest dude, Sadick H. He is the perfect example of hard work, his diet, training regiment was very interesting to see. He is an IFBB Pro, Physique competitor and the way his body is sculpted is the way I want to look like, only thing is of course he was taller and had a faster metabolism where I was shorter and a bit wider; but like the away hard work beats talent. I reached out to him, got a diet plan and training regiment for 1 month, costed me double then what I usually pay with my other coach, but I was thinking why not, try something new and see where I go. I received the diet and workout plan the same day, after 3 days, my mind was blown. The diet was structured so differently than what I was used to from many years of dieting, I had low carb days, no carb days and 1 high carb day. I would be eating larger amounts of carbs and fats when needed to, it was questionable at first due to the fact that I was only consuming low amounts of fats and carbs in the old diet, but I was thinking I should start somewhere with a base line and with each week work my way up and have Sadick check out whatever he needs to check and make changes. 

So from day one, which was Tuesday, I had followed this diet specifically. Also the workouts as well which were totally different than what I was used to, most of it were super sets, one day was all core and abs and HIIT cardio, every workout does start with abs and core though. For the first time in a long time, after 2 days of strict dieting with the new diet and do how the workouts wants me to do it, my whole body felt sore. They say every morning listen to your body since when you wake up, your body is done healing and my body was screaming in aches, soreness and pain. I knew for sure that my body would need time to rest with proper dieting and enough sleep, sleep was the main thing needed in my busy work schedule! So on my non workout days I would be having no carbs, my workout days would be low carbs and on the days where I needed to actually workout hard, it would be high carb day which is usually once a week. I felt the difference with having some type of carbs before and after, especially how the high carb day is set up, no carb, then high carb then no carb again to repeat the pattern. It was an interesting kind of view. I can definitely tell a difference in my work outs, how the diet affects how I eat. I’m not totally starving throughout the day since the large amount of fats hold me over and the proteins stay the same. Hopefully by Tuesday I can get back down to 158 or maybe even cut it to 157 lbs! I just have to stay consistent and work hard at it, the problem that I have the most of is after work when I get home, if I cook eggs and eat them, I weigh a bit heavier in the mornings which is the best time for me to weigh my self. But if I eat a snack like protein chips or a quest bar, I still feel like I get a little heavier in the mornings. I can’t eat right before I sleep, it’s very tough, I have to time everything before I leave work or at least the car ride home which is 8 minutes away. Here are some progress shots, before I send them to Sadick:


I want to improve, I want to be better, you have to strive to get what you want, you have to adapt and change to get to your goals, or you just coast, be the same, never change and be monotone for the rest of your life. Think about it folks. 

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