Feeling the soreness creeping 

March 30, 2016

So I had spoken with Coach Phil, introduced him to the other diet plan I was given, then we made a choice to start carb cycling but with him since he knows my body better than others, he’s been my couch for over 3 years now. He knows how my body reacts to carbs, fats and sugars. We even targeted my high carb days on the same day as my cheat meal so that my body can utilize all the carbohydrates ingested. We completely changed everything on Monday and it’s Wednesday, I’m feeling the soreness creep on, with carbs comes strength and a full roundness of the muscles. I can definitely feel the results of carbs coming back into my diet, along with how well the pump feels. I’m going to do my research on the combination of carbs versus no carbs for pre and post workouts along with the importance of it, maybe with medical journals as well. 

Right now I’ve been dealing with some work stress here at work. Trying my best to reach out to other malls about how to get the ball rolling on putting in a Silk Road Express/Gyro place in as well as maybe another fine dining place. But in all honesty, I would rather have an express store, deal with take outs and fancy fast food, not worry about the front end but more of the kitchen, stocking part. At the current moment though I’m trying to get rid of these damn hiccups!

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