The soreness spreads on…

March 31, 2016

So I did back yesterday, pushed myself real hard, certain enough I ripped some new muscle fibers in order to grow, which essentially is how muscles grow in the gym.  

Also I try my best to match my gym wear and that now carries on to my rest days. Today is a rest day and I need to appreciate the rest day, nurture it, eat right, zero carbs on rest days as well. Hopefully I will have enough energy to just have a nice quick cardio session afterwards, on the spin bike, maybe 25 minutes HIIT. 

I had no option but to have this as a post workout snack along with my protein, not bad, very low fat, 29 grams of carbs from rice and corn, no gluten, which in a way makes a big difference. 

Also I’ve been having a blast on Snap chat, my handle is thatgeekfromthe, very interesting to see how it works.  

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