Working on that stress

April 28, 2016

In life we are faced with challenges, challenges that make it hard to walk, eat sleep and function. We may see these challenges as many things; the one thing to end it all or the one thing that makes you stronger. Surround yourself with positive people, happy, influenctional and well rounded people. Inspire through example and the rest will follow, don’t expect it, just hope for the best. I, as many of you, am always in a situation where either I feel like if I don’t get through it or deal with the stress then and there then it would be the end of everything. But then I look at it with a positive vibe, I want to learn and understand what the situation is so that I can assess the problem, turn. It into a learning experience and move on, forgive but never forget. I feel like our life is plagued with many situations like this but they can become more than just a bad time in our lives, they can be a milestone, something that we can look back at and ponder, how amazingly strong we were in that dark hour, how did we get through it, can we conjure that strength again and make it work for us again?

One thing that has kept me not caring about the world was food and lots of it! I would eat tons of rice and spaghetti! Pizza and bread like no other! I didn’t care what I looked like or how winded I would get playing outside, I would turn and eat foods like sweets or ice cream, just to keep my mind off of what’s happening then and there, stay out of the now. Looking back at it now I would punch myself in the face, how could I let time waste away?!?! Time is the one thing that we, as human beings, cannot even measure or fathom, it’s the one thing that is always with us and yet can be our friend or foe. It’s the now that we need to focus on, use this time to plan for the future and stay positive, make use of what we have.

I’m also going to incorporate more bursts of cardio at different times of the day to help get me through the Dailey struggles, jump rope is one of them, which I carry in  my car always. It is very important to not keep stress, anger, fear or any other negative emotion bottled inside, but let it out loud in your physical process at the gym, whether it’s weights, cardio or sports. It’s the thing that’s not just healthy for you but also keeps your brain focused and stress free. I mean yea when you get home or back to work you have your problems to deal with, but at least your at peace with everything built up inside, you can now go on about your day knowing that your focused on repairing whatever’s broken and make things better for your situation and others. 

Health update:

So I couldn’t get cardio in everyday for the past 3 weeks, thus me gaining 3-5 lbs, which is always fluctuating. I have been trying to stay on the diet 100% but there are a few days where I come home late after a long shift and don’t have anything prepared, thus me resorting to left overs, small amounts of carbs and so on. I had tried my coaches diet, Sadick H.’s diet, so now I’m going to connect with someone who I believe may help with my few diet problems such as bloating, timed meals, access to certain foods and etc. This person was the first physique I saw and wanted to have, way back in 2006, Rob Riches. This guy not only eats clean all throughout the day, but his knowledge on food, exercise is insane! I can’t wait to see what he has for me!

Full Body Soreness

April 8, 2016

So for the last 3.5 days I went to the gym for a total of 6 times, for either working out twice a day or doing cardio and working out at different times of the day. I am totally sore, I can feel it everywhere. This is in a way a good sign, a good sign that the things I’m doing are working perfectly, all I need to do now is eat properly via my specified diet.  


Eating clean is one no f the main ingredients on achieving your goals in this conquest of a healthy lifestyle. In my case, conquest to cut the fat, keep the muscle and stay healthy. In the gym I try and do calves in between sets so that they can grow, recently I found out a new way to do calves with cables, which in my opinion are growing them twice as fast compared to the conventional style of doing them.

I’d like to apologize ahead of time, I’m a very random person and I like tour out my thoughts on this blog, along with videos and pictures, just to keep those who are interested updated on what goes on in my life. I’m also sorry if it bores you.

So with the new diet, I have low carb days when I train, no carb days when I don’t train and one high carb day that goes perfectly with my cheat meal day. But since I train almost every day I benefit from the carbs, only down side is that if I’m working a double or can tell my body needs a rest, I have to no carb it and do a lot of cardio. I have a freakin spin bike in my room that I need to take advantage of, top of the line, belt driven, magnetically enhanced, yet I fail to wake up 30 minutes earlier just to get a quick spin, now I’m mad I’m wasting money. I’ll start tomorrow and keep everyone updated on how it goes with my side quest, spinning, right before breakfast, everyday, that’ll help with the weight cut for sure. Last time I cut weight I would do my cardio fasted, right before breakfast, that helped a lot. But recently I’m doing cardio right after I work out, thus maybe slowing things down or keeping my body used to it. This week though since I’m low on post workout cardio time, I would just do jump rope intervals, 1 minute rest with 100 jumps. I’ll slow build my endurance with my smart rope, it helps me track my jumps, and is powered with LEDS so that I can see how many jumps I do while I’m jumping and when I need to pause for a rest set, here’s a video:

I haven’t weighted myself since Monday, it’s currently Thursday, I’m afraid in a way. Afraid that I’m letting myself down, afraid that I’m wasting my money on food and a coach. I need to analyze what is slowing me down,not enough cardio? Maybe meals aren’t portioned the proper way, or maybe I’m not eating at the proper times, or the small snacks that I eat throughout the day actually matter a whole lot. Whatever it is, I have to push the bad habit out with a good habit, replace it, acknowledge it and stay positive. Here’s a link to my current vlog in case you can’t view the top video:Some jump rope fun!

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