Ramadan Day 23

June 26, 2016

So we are at the final week of Ramadan. In my opinion it hasn’t been a good one, but I’m glad that I’m alive to participate and that hopefully God shall allow forgiveness for my sins. With that being said, I’ll explain why this Ramadan hasn’t been that well. First, not praying as often as I would like. Second, not reading more about the Quran, the stories of the Prophets and understanding my religion more through peace and Harmony. Lastly, the diet, it has been fine but it’ll always be a gaining diet, I have come to terms with that since the middle of Ramadan. I cannot restrict my carb intake while eat large amounts of fats and protein before and after my fast, it just can’t work like that. My body responds well to carbs and it needs them to stay round, not flat, plus since I’m fasting for 15 hours a day I need the glycogen stores to keep me going throughout the day. On a side note, I’ve decided to actually get my certification in personal training, NASM to be exact. Then once I get it, I’ll get as much experience as possible and get certified as a nutritionist;  Not sure though I I need to go back to college for that. The end result is I want to be able to coach people, be a one man gym with a large amount of knowledge on how to help people stay healthy, eat clean and be happy. Here are a few of my videos to help inspire everyone else to get to the gym and work hard to achieve your goals: 


Most of these workouts are done during the day, a little before Iftar, just so that I can get my metabolism shocked and ready for when I break my fast. For cardio though I would just do 25 minutes HIIT, but recently I’ve fallen in love with sprinting on the WOODWAY treadmills at Life time fitness. I’ll keep everyone posted for the last week of Ramadan and the post week too to see how my weight fluctuates, now I’m at 165 lbs

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