New diet day 13

July 19, 2016

Started a new diet, down 5 pounds, didn’t even start cardio, switched up my foods, all measured and properly packed. It’s amazing what food can do for your body. I incorporated fruits for the first time in 4 years into my diet, so happy I did that. For now, 4 meals a day should suffice based on my crazy work schedule and time to work out. Now if I sleep early, I should be able  to get my workouts and cardio in all early, today was the first day of cardio, 30 minutes of stair machine, then I did cardio mid afternoon, a brisk 30 minute interval bike ride which was great! Early this morning I did chest, calves, light abs and cardio. My carbs this week went down by 25%, we will see how it affects the body in a few days. Since I have fats and carbs in almost every meal, here’s what I look like during a good pump:


The carbs really helped with building my strength back and getting that perfect pump flow. This process is slow and steady, no short cuts, eat, train and work hard, that’s all I know. What other people don’t understand is that sleep and patience is heavily involved so make sure you get plenty of that all!

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