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November 13, 2016

First, I have taken the liberty to start Vlogging, heres a link to my latest video:

Great to see how Word Press just embedds it with a preview right away, very classy.

So far I have not been with my coach for almost 7 months, i have tweaked my diet with the knowledge I have learned from past coaches and years of trial and error. The one thing that gets me is cardio, I’m always busy and never have time. When i lost my 20 lbs a few years ago, i had done fasted cardio every morning, 45 minutes on the stair machine, followed by an almost keto like diet. Now im sticking to the same cardio regiment, but starting at 30 minutes a day, fasted, with 15-20 minutes of abs to try and pop them out. I was told by a friend at the gym who also frequents at my restaurant, that the main reason he wants to get serious att the gym and change how he looks is because hes tired of maintaining. He’s tired of working hard at the gym, sweating non stop, cardio and weights but yet, he feels and sees no results, thus him getting in touch with a coach. I can totally relate to him, recently i had a shoulder injury that was made worse by a chiropractor. It was so bad, I ¬†couldnt even sleep properly or stand straight, I had to sleep sittin up with an ice pack and switch to a heating pad. I’m not bashing on Chiropractors, but i should of gone to a sports doctor first before anything. I was out of the gym for almost 2 weeks, it was horrible, medicine, hot and cold packs, barely any sleep, eating whatever i wanted. I gained a good 10 pounds in those 2 weeks, i couldnt even do a simple cardio session! I was devestated. But as they say, no courage without fear or in the words of the Dark Knight, Bruce Waynes Father,” Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to get back up.” In a way I started again from the bottom, that was 2 months ago, in that time i have successfully been able to lose 5 pounds, regain my strength, but like before, just mainting. So today, what i have decided was to do my cardio session early, 30-45 minutes, every morning so that i can always have it done, mostly a fasted cardio session. I will try my best to either work out in the middle of the day, or if im even pressed for time then i can try and get home before or by 10 pm from work and head over to my “convenient”gym, Eclipse fitness, which is down the street from where I live. Reasons why I do not enjoy working out or doing cardio as much at Eclipse:(WARNING:UPCOMING RANT)

1)Ceiling leaks

2)Dumbells are coated in rubber, thus the rubber stripping due to wear and tear.

3)weights and most machines are crazy old.

4)Theres apart of the gym where ¬†barely anyone uses, why, its filled with machines that are “experimental” and in my opinion, dont do anything to benifit the muscle group it says it does.

5)Smith machines are a joke, angled down so its not straight up or down.

6)Benches are insanely tough, too high, very uncomortable.

7)The basketball court does not bring in new customers at all, just annoying kids who dont shut up, have unecesarry fights, scream always and part of the time a basketball flies out of the court and gets in the way. A quick side story, I have a classmate who signed up at Eclipse, started with a trainer and new diet, then while on a cardio machine ,2nd floor, near the basketball court, a ball bounced off the rim when kids were messing around, flew up to the second floor and hit her in the face. She fell off, ended up going to the emergency room for a cracked tooth, spent thousands of dollars fixing her tooth and dealing with the pain. After say a month, she went back to the gym to dispute it and have their insurance pay for all the damages, on ly to get therun around from the managers and owners of the gym. After almost a year, she finally got back her money, but she wont step foot in that gym, not just the fear of another basketball flying to her, but on how poorly the upper managment dealt with her situation.The owners own other gyms and supposedly, Eclipse is their oldest gym, thus them not giving a crap about what the customers want.

8)Their machines are Startrack, one of the worst companies ever to buy gym equipment from! Its like they make the stuff but never even tried it themselves!

9)Have the worst grab and go proteins ever! Quality of the companies they buy from shows that they dont care for the customers, just trying to fill up the fridges as much as possible with expired crap.

10)They send out this annoying email every month, a questionaire that they expect to see what the cusomters think. I get the run around from them when i express myself on it, yet they say they are just working on it with no times table or update on what they are doing to fix any of these problems.

11)Trainers allow their clients to run around the whole damn gym in between sets, didn’t bother me until someone ran into me almost knocking me over, yet they still do this shit when its busy.

Thats all that i can think of right now from the top of my head.

Also since this is also a Tech blog, i had the Iphone 7 Plus now, yes a Plus size, mainly for the camera and screen quality, since it came out. Im very happy with it, here are some sample shots:

Just found out that i have reached my capacity with WordPress on how many pictures i can store and post, never thought that was a thing. So here is where i signed off, a bit disgruntled, also i found out that i messed up my sweet potatoe fries in the oven, they are all dry and powdery, so i need to figure out what went wrong. PEACE!


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