Ramadan day 6 so far…

June 1, 2017

So its day 6 of Ramadan, I am feeling a bit tired mostly and thirsty. We have 25 more days left, within those 25 more days i need to atleast cut 10 lbs of fat and PRAY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Fasting without prayers is pretty much like expecting to be forgiven without even asking for forgiveness. The great thing about Ramadan is that it allows me to have more time to sit, think and understand what’s going on in life, to help me get my life together instead of worrying what am I going to eat or when I’ll be going to the gym. Speaking of what to eat, every morning I have been eating 1-2 big bowls of Whole wheat Chex cereal with almond milk, followed by 1.5 scoop of cassein protein and a bottle of water. That usually holds me over until 6 pm, at that time i start to get either hungry/thirsty or just very fatigued. In Ramadan we cannot eat or drink during the sunlight hours, therefore most of us are a bit lazy or just not all there. Those who have my upmost respect are the athletes, first responders and construction workers, who during Ramadan, would have to work outside or give their 100% each day to their jobs, those people are just insanely hard working and driven, with or without food. I was thinking about maybe going to the gym one day right after I eat in the morning, which is at 4 AM, or right before I break my fast, which is around 8:30 PM, but that would be when I have a lot of time on my hands or already caught up with sleep, mind you I work almost 12 hours a day at the restaurant, with maybe an hour of nap time in between lunch and dinner, POWER NAP!

Here are some photos of my foods I have been breaking my fast with:

So far so good, I have been able to hit up the gym 4 days this week, mostly after 9 PM, but my cardio game is a bit slacking, I would like to get at least 30 minutes in after my workouts. 
That also reminds me, I have to get a new battery for my heart rate monitor, it takes a watch battery so it lasts a good 3-4 months with how i use it everyday. 

On a side note, the family Thank God are doing well, trying to save up as much as possible for the London and Scotland trip in early July. Also trying to show my brother and m other everything when it comes to the cash register so they will be fine without us for 11 days. We are leaving July 2nd, which is the July 4th week, where everyone is out at the beach, which in turn is usually the slowest 1-2 weeks of the year, perfect time to take a vacation. When we get back though, my brother wants to head out to California to visit family from my mothers side and enjoy being on his own, hopefully he uses his head for the most part and stays safe.

My brother recently made a dessert he saw on Reddit, I need to actually start going on it to read, I haven’t gotten the time yet. I haven’t even gotten the time to finish the 5 books i started reading! Hopefully on the plain, they have only a few good movies to watch, I think they might have Spider-Man Homecoming because in my experience, Airlines usually have movies that are in theatres on their list to watch, I’m just hoping for now, then i can catch up on my kindle and read a whole lot, or if they have wifi, plan our itinerary for London, find out the closest gyms and book our hotel in Scotland, check out the Games of Thrones Castles. I heard in Scotland, they filmed a lot of scenes there that was supposed to be Winterfell, if somehow I can get my hands on the DJI Spark Drone, then that would be an awesome aerial view that i can add to the VLOG, PLEASE CLICK THE WORD TO GO STRAIGHT TO IT, SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE, THANKS!


They were nice, soggy, crunchy and over all, delicious. Now that i have footage of my brother cooking I can use it for my dating episode for him on the VLOG, which will follow right after with my second episode of Ramadan, which technically was day 1 of Ramadan, but I couldn’t finish in time. I will definitely make a day 10 episode, hopefully InshaAllah I will have time to film and get it all. Until then, thanks for taking the time to actually read this, hope you all have a wonderful day!

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