Mid Ramadan Update

June 11, 2017

fullsizeoutput_11caIMG_2924fullsizeoutput_11cbIMG_2959IMG_2964IMG_3010.JPGMashaAllah so far so good. I haven’t lost any pounds yet, i guess i should actually check, problem is, i only check when I wake up in the morning. Problem with that is, i fill myself up with food 5 hours earlier, therefore thats not my ideal time to weigh myself to see my lightestweight. This few days though have been crazy hot, so naturally, all of us are very thirsty. Most folks during Ramadan now tend to try and sleep in a lot on the weekends or when they are off, but most still get up,work hard, come home, pass out till Iftar(Break fast) time. I fell like during Ramadan, i have more focus on my tasks, i would just need to figure out what task to do first, also my wife helps me stay on topic with things in life.

What i really want to do is go to a water park, just get lost in it, just like the good old days when i didn’t have to worry about bills, relationships, drama, stress and other sorts like that. I’ve always been good at organizing things like this, where the only thing that everyone had in common was being friends with me and wanting to have a good time. One of the best quotes i have ever heard was from Andy, from the Hit tv show The Office,”I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

Above are some photos of the meals i have been eating to break my fast, half the time its with a protein bar and tea just because we are so busy at work. Ramadan ends June 25th or arount there. We leave for London and Scotland July 2nd, so hopefully i can save up enough money before hand and get the things we need ahead of time before anything.

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