Finally, about the UK…

September 24, 2017

I have finally gotten some time to write about the United Kingodm trip that we had gotten back from 2 weeks ago! First off, it was great, amazing journey to a country we have never actually been outside the airport from. The first country that Lailah has ever been too with her baby passport, heres here baby passport photo:


Little side note, when we had left London, we stopped over at Brussels before going straight back to JFK Airport. Weird thing is, they have 3 gates, all the way at the end of the terminal, it was a 25 minute walk, from where we had left. We were scared of missing our flight due to the unecessaryly long walk, but what was even crazier is that there was a random, cresent desk with 5 employees and their laptops, surrounded by a large crowd of people, with their passports in the air. It looked like a scene from a movie, or a scene from the news when we see a large amount of refugees trying to pass a check point. We had to get our passports checked again, but “thoroughly” by security.

Lets detail how it went first:

We do a routine security check into the terminal, said our good byes, had our luggage checked into the plain as well as our carry ons scanned, us as well scanned before entering the Terminal and Gate. Before getting on the flight, we had our passports checked again, which was normal, like most airlines, they check your boarding pass and passport. Once we landed in Brussells, they checked our passports leaving the plain, which i thought was weird but whatever, I needed to stretch my legs. Then after that long walk, we got to that random Island of computers,right before our gate, for another thorough passport check. People kept cutting others, some were very nice to offer us their spot in line, just because we had Lailah. with flights that were delayed 20 minutes, they would jump the passengers waiting to the front, assuring the crowd that their flights will ┬ánot leave without them. Once our turn had come up, i just asked the employee if this was a new policy, they said that it had started 9 months or so ago, just to beef up security only going to the US, which i personally don’t mind, but have it done way earlier in advance, not last minute. Also we were told to change the babies passport phot or renew her passport after shes 1 or 2 years old because they have stopped children from flying, just because how the photos dont look anything alike, which truthfully, if they had gotten this far with the right paperwork, then it would just be ridiculous to stop a child from traveling with their parents over them looking slightly different, but drasticaly then i understand, thats why its also always important now to keep a copy of your hcilds birth certificate with you whenever your traveling with them, even yours too if you were born here in the USA, you never know really. Then they checked our passports again before we entered the airplain, so kinda over kill in my opinion.


So that was the traveling experience on our way home, not bad, but just unecessarily longer than usual. Another experience I would like to talk about was the one where we stayed in the WORST HOTEL IN LONDON. I made 2 videos on them, i’ll post it now so you can get an idea first of where we were before i go into detail about what went down:





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