Moving on, growing up

October 27, 2017

First I’d like to start this Blog off with some love:

MashAllah she has grown so much. The wife has gotten a new, full time job so Lailah stays with me from the morning till mid afternoon. Her mom comes at 4pm and takes over while I go back to work for the dinner shift. Lailah also comes to the restaurant so we have a great, portable crib set up in the office. I always restock every night my baby bag with essentials so I can grab and go in the mornings. By the way don’t let the wife buy a designer baby bag, personally they aren’t practical and will only hurt their shoulders in the long run. This is what I use, I got it on sale for $40:

Also I’ve learned besides making sure baby food is natural, organic,non gmo and all that important healthy stuff, the one company besides Gerbers that we appreciate and the baby loves to eat from is Beech Nut:

To be honest, being a father hasn’t hit me hard, just because I take it as something I’ve always been and felt ever since I got married. I don’t really know how to explain it, when people ask how it’s like being a father, I tell them that the feeling is surreal. That it was like she was always with me, that invisible friend I had always talked to or felt was with me growing up. That one part of my soul that knew something good was going to come from me and to keep being good, helping others and stay honest,that the time would come and it has. 

There are many milestones in life, for me, I am fortunate to go through the good and the bad with my wife, a lot more recently of the bad now with my wife and child. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s definitely a learning experience that helps the soul get stronger through any situation. We are in the process of moving out of my parents house,looking for a place of our own, we can only afford to rent at the moment. Doing this has prompted me to learn the hard way on never take any hand outs, no matter who it’s from, no matter how well you know that person, because there will always be a chance that they will hold it against you and take all the credit for who you are today because of what they did for you in the past. Everyone situation is obviously different, but in mine it’s definitely better this way so that I can make it on my own and teach my children while growing up on how to be independent and how to work for themselves so that they can value a gift even more. I’m not saying that I did not value the things that I was given to me but when someone gives you something and then later on they say you owe me because I give it to you then I’m just thinking I would rather have not gotten that gift instead of owing someone. It’s basically a messy situation in a bit confusing but the bottom line is it’s better that way, even if we struggle with money and living on our own, that’s where everything starts, from the bottom. At least I’ll have more time to do my extracurricular activities like getting back to reading and being less on my phone or laptop. Also have more time to make movies and focus on my side projects, where we are thinking of living is much closer to my wife’s job so she doesn’t have to leave extra early. It’s just a headache at the moment but as long as you focus And set goals, everything else falls into place. Thanks for taking the time to read, for next time I’ll keep you guys updated on where I am, what I’m doing, and if there’s any new videos for the YouTube channel.

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