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November 20, 2017


As most of you have heard, I am no longer working for my parents at Silk Road. My brother and cousin are still there, my parents are there and everything else is still the same, don’t worry. Please, please still go and enjoy your food and your time there. I had built it with my family for over 10 years so that our long time customers can still and will always enjoy Afghan Cuisine.

I am venturing out along with my 2 brother in laws to open a cozy, small, fine dinning restarant of our own with the same type of cuisine, but with more specials, other types of dishes and GYROS! The great thing about this new chapter in my life is that I can literally add anything i want to the menu, any types of desserts and dishes that can be spinned with Afghan Flavors. Recently I have been looking into all kinds of videos pertaining to food all over the US and let me tell you, half of those things i can make easily so that people don’t need to travel far for something they crave.

Our restaurant can seat a total of 70 people, we have chairs and booths for seating, beautiful hard wood tables. Here is a video of the work i have done with my family so far:

With Hard work, comes the future.



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