Ramadan Day 11

May 31, 2018

Now this day is my favorite day by far for Ramadan. Not only because it was my first day off during Ramadan but because my wife was off as well for Memorial Day weekend, it was very special just because we are together. We all woke up late, hung out in the bed, Lailah was just so happy to be with her parents, you can see it in her behavior and her face. After we got out of bed, we washed up, Fed Lailah, changed her and planned the rest of our day.

We went to the mall after and took my sister in law as well who had landed the week before. What I enjoy when bringing someone to New Jersey is the expression on their faces when the see NYC, the malls and random things that are different from Afghanistan or wherever. We also bought Lailah some light up shoes so that we can keep them in my wife’s car just Incase we end up going to the park or Lailah wants to run around.

From the mall we went straight to Paterson with most of the family. First we went to the newly renovated Turkish Bazaar, which had everything I’ve ever wanted from Turkish food, but as they always say, don’t go food shopping on an empty stomach. I got dried fruit, homemade yogurt drink, date filled cookies, halal sausages for cooking with eggs in the mornings and some freshly baked Turkish bread.

Afterwards we went to Toros to sit down and get our table and orders in ahead of time before the crowd. Not only were the long tables set up too tight with barely any room for people to walk, but as it got busy, the staff was less and less to be found. Also our meat wasn’t cooked all the way and smelled old, so we left a bit disappointed.

Ramadan Day 10

May 29, 2018

Wow, day 10 is already here! We are now officially 1/3 down. By now fasting has been pretty good, not too bad except for the days that I sweat from strenuous activities. Today was also extremely slow at work, most likely because everyone wanted to enjoy the holiday vacation at the beach but got stuck due to the clouds and rain. But at night t was fine, most of our tables were people having Iftar and breaking their fast. We ended up staying late though because we wanted to clean everything in the kitchen and front as well as prep for Tuesday so that we can enjoy our day off on Monday. I got home at 11:30 PM and the wife at 12:30AM. I know this won’t last forever, I know right now it’s a job and we are trying our hardest to keep it moving, we are setting up the grounds for a proper, timely expansion.

Ramadan Day 9

May 27, 2018

Today was a much easier day for fasting. I went to the gym crazy early to get it out of the way at Retro fitness in Greenbrook, which was ok. They made good use of some space here and there, but I couldn’t stand the color scheme or some of the crappy machines that were known to be made by low quality companies. After that I spent almost 2 hours trying to recruit a kitchen employee all over, asked questions, answered questions and got nothing. It’s so weird, how everyone wants to get paid but no one wants to work, especially younger folks. I read in the news these parents are suing their 30 year old son for not moving out, even though they provided him with so many ways to leave by giving money and finding places close by. I remember reading a part where when he was taken off the family mobile plan, that the guy freaked out, which was when the parents realized they had failed to raise a man and would need to drop the hammer on him moving out.

I know that we love our children, we would do anything for them. What I had realized from the many parents that bring their kids through and watching them grow throughout the years is that without guidance, discipline and communication, your kids will be more and more difficult as they grow older. Now mind you, I am not perfect and neither is everyone else, but most parents know they are doing something wrong when they throw money at their kids to shut them up or just hand them a screen or even buy them their own iPad, when their a lot older! Children are sponges, they want to learn, even when they don’t show it. Children see everything you do and say whenever their around you, they’ll think it’s ok to curse if you curse, they’ll think it’s ok to drink soda if you always drink soda. My advice is to always, always, always communicate with your children and give them positive, clear answers to their many questions that they’ll have growing up and please show them that they are always loved, even when we may be angry or ticked off. My wife and I have learned that we mustn’t argue in front of Lailah because then she starts raising her voice and tries to chime in, but you can tell she’s worried. Like I said, children see,hear and know everything your doing in front of them so don’t always treat them like they don’t know or don’t understand, they may know more than use at times haha.

It was also a great pleasure to run into some very old friends who would always Engage in deep, intellectual conversations with me whenever they came to the old restaurant:

Nothing has changed at all with them and they had lived in Hawaii for awhile, but from my understanding, once their grand daughter was born, they moved to Maine to be close so they can help out and be with their family there while enjoying retirement.

My Iftar meal was a bit different, the protein to be exact, it wasn’t grilled but stewed, which tasted amazing by the way.

Why really helped out with the weather was the insane amount of rain we got, it even looked like a hurricane outside for a few minutes to the point with the rain and wind combined created a wall where you couldn’t see a few feet in front of you!

This day felt, although slow at the restaurant, felt like it was needed to recover and relax a bit.

To end the night, my phone was able to take some cool pictures of the moon and I also ran into what looked like a rare Albino moth, but then again I don’t know most of my bugs.

Ramadan Day 8

May 27, 2018

Today was great, lunch was a bit slow but for dinner, everyone all came at once to break their fast. Luckily for me, I always make my bowl of food 2 hours ahead of time to make sure I’m not in anyone’s way later on. Here are a few examples:

So as you can tell, by the end of the night I was extremely exhausted, we left work at 11:30, picked up Lailah sho was already asleep and went back home.

I’ve also been recently reading a surprisingly good book by James Comey called A Higher Loyalty. It was great to read and understand his story before he got mixed into the presidential drama and learn that he’s as human as anyone else and with a good heart.

Today was also the day my sister in law started work and she only landed Wednesday morning. We are all work horses, we are all chasing that dream. But remember, life isn’t about working and paying bills, it’s about slowly but surely getting to your goals in life. I heard from a YouTube inspirational speech about a man who learned something very important from his father. His father was an Immagrations who came over from a third world country, worked his whole life, had 3 kids and wasn’t home as much because his excuse was the bills wouldn’t pay themselves. Now remember, it all comes down to you, your sacrifice and how you want to live your life for yourself and your family. This mans father worked so hard till he was 65 years old, retired, bought his dream house and later died the following year. With that event that happened, the YouTube inspirational speaker had realized that his dad struggled his whole life we he didn’t have to, he was of course grateful for his fathers hard work, but mourned the choices he made to be at Work more than at home. We only get one life so live it wisely, every moment counts and time doesn’t stop for anyone. We are all part of this life, our families life, friends life and so forth yet we need to actually be in it and not just pass by. Dream house or not, be happy with what you have, set goals and live in the moment with your loved ones because we might not get the chance to be there and with them again.

Ramadan Day 7

May 24, 2018

Almost there, almost a week down! Thank Goodness I was able to get a good amount of sleep in, Tuesday’s airport trip really messed my internal clock.

My cousin coming back from Afghanistan, only thing that’s changed is how tight his shirt is getting haha.

Today’s fast has been very comfortable actually, Iftar actually crept up on me. For the whole time, I’ve been eating 2

Bowls of rice, some type of protein and slow digesting carbs:

Not only does this gigantic meal hold me

Over until it’s time to eat in the early morning, but it’s nutrient sensed with so much good stuff! Some people get bored of eating the same foods everyday, not me, fasting has helped me enjoy what I have from food to life itself. I’ve learned to be more content and understand more the problems I’ve been going through.

I’ve also learned that people tend to live in their own world and remember things totally differently compared to what actually happened. I don’t blame em, sometimes it’s whatever helps them sleep at night. I just wish, during this Holy month of Ramadan, that the stubborn people out there could actually learn through fasting on how to put aside pride and understand situations that’s out stress on their lives. Stress is totally unnecessary in our lives and yet, it helps define who we are and how we look at everything else. Let’s learn to relax and calm down in any situation, there’s no need to react or fire back in any situation, just for the sake of being first or fast. Taking your time to process and carefully think of how your going to respond is key to becoming a better you, try it out.

Ramadan Day 6

May 23, 2018

Sorry for jumping a few days ahead, I keep forgetting I can easily write a Blog post on my phone!

I mean seriously, Thundercats, which were known for their amazing artwork and stories from comics to cartoon, will get rebooted into a weird ass goofy round cartoon like crap, just so that kids aren’t scared or so they can get I to it! What gives? Everyone’s butt is hurting more and More in this world, whatever happened to just dealing with the problems at hand or fix what’s broken? Why run away or create excuses to help you sleep better at night and why deny straight up facts and things that happen in real life, just to make yourself sound right to yourself and others???

It’s amazing how children helps us calm down from a stressful situation, like truly helps us be content on where we are today. And if your reading this and thinking all your kids bring you is mess, stress and dirty diapers then you gotta recheck your priorities in life. I’m not saying it’s always sunshine and rainbows, but the main reason we have children is to be happier in life and share that happiness. The one thing I regret is not having children sooner, but as always, God is great and God always has a plan for us all.

After a long work day, we had left and gone straight to the airport to pick up my cousin and his wife which is also my wife’s sister! They landed at 9:30 and we arrived at 9:45 in Newark Airport, Thank God not JFK! We were able to receive them at 11:30 pm, left and got home by 12:30AM. We ate a nice big meal at 1 am and then went back to the apartment to have Tea at 3AM, then we passed out. It was an amazing day and fun night, I’ll let you know how i am dealing with Zombie mode the next day in the next post!

Ramadan Day 3

May 22, 2018



So today was a much better day than yesterday. Not only was I able to get a good amount of sleep thanks to the babies new nigh time diapers which helps with her sleeping comfortably and yet still protects her, but because I was able to sleep early for once, 11pm to be exact. I was also able to get a quick cardio session in of walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes before i started the work day. Other than that things seemed nice and smooth at the restaurant, not as busy during lunch which is how it is at the moment since we are still new. But come 4PM, I was able to take a quick power nap for 45 minutes before the dinner rush. We had a healthy crowd going, a few tables also breaking their fast as well.

It’s funny how everyone is in a cranky or bad mood through out the day, but come Iftar time, everyone is so happy and content. Thats pretty much how it was yesterday with us and some customers. I like to observe a lot of things, I guess its a habit, to stay silent and watchhow things go, just to get an idea. During every Iftar, i am able now to eat all my food within 10 minutes before i get back to work, just so that i can help out and let everyone eat. Now I’m wondering what should i do for tomorrow, Monday, on our day off.

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