Ramadan Day 0

May 17, 2018


So far so good. I had Set everything up so that it would be nice transition from eating during the day to not eating during sun light hours. The things that i have noticed from the past years is that everyone i know just right away cut food and water out without slowly tapering into it. For me, i would slowly stop eating at certain times during the day to help with my body to adjust to how it would be this year. Fun Fact: The Islamic calendar has Ramadan going back 10 days every year. Last time i remembered Ramadan was in the winter when he days where shorter, i was still a kid in elementary school, waking up early, wrapped in my blanket, eating my bowl of cereal and sipping on some green tea, the good old days. Thankfully we have passed the hardest parts of summer, when the days would be almost 17-18 hours of daylight and just a small window to eat.

I had made 2 decisions with myself on how i should go upon Ramadan this year. The first one is to go Gluten free, since i have noticed the whole swelling of the stomach every time i would eat it. The second decision is to write on my blog every day and make a Vlog on my YouTube channel everyday, just to get people knowing and seeing what I’m doing. So technically  its a day behind and today is the first day of Ramadan, but I’ll let you know how it is tomorrow for sure. It may seem like a lot to me, but since my gym time has been cut to almost half, besides taking naps during the day, i would just plainly work on my video editing and writing for now, hopefully i can keep it up. Personally, when we as human beings say we are going to do something, we should do something. But sadly, we also are creatures of habit and laziness. We learn to asses whats more important and do that first, like eating, sleeping, drinking red bull to keep us going, picking up the kids from daycare. All of this list of demands that we tell ourselves gets numbered from 1- whatever else you have to do but don’t have time or don’t want to do it now. In Ramadan, the first thing we start is not eating or drinking for day One. Its tough, 16 hours or more sometimes, but we get it done. As I’m writing this, all i can think about is Pizza, chips and big bowl of Pasta, yet i just have my work in front of me to keep me busy, while I’m at my restaurant making sure everything goes smoothly.

To me, when i wake up every morning, i open my eyes, check on my baby next to me, then i stare at the ceiling for a good 3 minutes which does seem forever. I tell my brain exactly what needs to be done in the next 30 minutes, what should be finished in the next hour and what the plan is for the day, almost like a computer. It’s not easy at times, sometimes i just want to wake up and do nothing or do my own thing, problem is, through trial and error, i have lost a lot of time “winging it” and therefore late to work which even though i do own the business with family, still irks me.

Come the middle of the day, before lunch ends, i again think to myself what needs to be done for the rest of the day and if i had completed the tasks thought about earlier in the morning. Things get prioritized to finishing up what needed to be don’t then i have a staple in my day…..Go to the gym. I heard somewhere once that time is always flowing forward, that it doesn’t stop for anyone or go backwards, therefore its sacred. In this case, I could plan my day accordingly to what i think is important, or plan my day around the gym. I decided to do both, because its my life and i learned later on in life that sometimes, you should just do what you want when you want because its your life. I plainly day around a specific time during the week, 3pm, is when i get to work out for 1-1.5 hours. I have learned to not waste time at the gym, get in, do your work, get that pump and get out. Only problem is, i don’t have as much time anymore for cardio vascular exercises. Your thinking well who does?! I did, i would spend a good 2 hours at the gym every day when i was comfortable at my other job, i would wake up early, have my mom watch my baby, hit up the gym and come back home to shower and go to work. But sometimes life throws you curve balls and you learn to adapt in any situation.

I had gone to Costco, picked up everything in Bulk which should hopefully last us 20 days, Special K cereal with almond milk, Protein Pasta with beans and pasta sauce also to help carb up in the morning. One thing i did forget to buy was coconut water, which can help me stay hydrated throughout the day, but for right now Green tea should suffice. I’m excited to see how amazing this Month of Ramadan will be and how far i can get with keep everyone up to date. Lets chat tomorrow!

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