Ramadan Day 1

May 18, 2018

To be honest, it wasn’t as an eventful Ramadan as I had thought it would be. I guess working in a smaller restaurant would mean less walking everywhere. I wasn’t as hungry through out the day, just a bit thirsty. I did though hit up the gym for a good 50 minutes doing back exercises, which didn’t wind me out but did add to the thirst building up.

After lunch I was able to get a quick 30 minute power nap before heading back to work. Since it wasn’t as busy, fasting was pretty much a breeze. What I ate for Iftar(Breakfast) was salad,brown rice, lentils,protein shake and eggplant.

By the time I went home after work it was 9:45, I was able to stay up for 45 minutes playing with my daughter before we passed out to wake up again at 2:30AM. So far it’s been a good start, but for as long as I can remember, there had always been a major problem during Ramadan that always casted a cloud on the whole family. I’m afraid this year wouldn’t be the same.

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