Ramadan Day 3

May 22, 2018



So today was a much better day than yesterday. Not only was I able to get a good amount of sleep thanks to the babies new nigh time diapers which helps with her sleeping comfortably and yet still protects her, but because I was able to sleep early for once, 11pm to be exact. I was also able to get a quick cardio session in of walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes before i started the work day. Other than that things seemed nice and smooth at the restaurant, not as busy during lunch which is how it is at the moment since we are still new. But come 4PM, I was able to take a quick power nap for 45 minutes before the dinner rush. We had a healthy crowd going, a few tables also breaking their fast as well.

It’s funny how everyone is in a cranky or bad mood through out the day, but come Iftar time, everyone is so happy and content. Thats pretty much how it was yesterday with us and some customers. I like to observe a lot of things, I guess its a habit, to stay silent and watchhow things go, just to get an idea. During every Iftar, i am able now to eat all my food within 10 minutes before i get back to work, just so that i can help out and let everyone eat. Now I’m wondering what should i do for tomorrow, Monday, on our day off.

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