Ramadan Day 6

May 23, 2018

Sorry for jumping a few days ahead, I keep forgetting I can easily write a Blog post on my phone!

I mean seriously, Thundercats, which were known for their amazing artwork and stories from comics to cartoon, will get rebooted into a weird ass goofy round cartoon like crap, just so that kids aren’t scared or so they can get I to it! What gives? Everyone’s butt is hurting more and More in this world, whatever happened to just dealing with the problems at hand or fix what’s broken? Why run away or create excuses to help you sleep better at night and why deny straight up facts and things that happen in real life, just to make yourself sound right to yourself and others???

It’s amazing how children helps us calm down from a stressful situation, like truly helps us be content on where we are today. And if your reading this and thinking all your kids bring you is mess, stress and dirty diapers then you gotta recheck your priorities in life. I’m not saying it’s always sunshine and rainbows, but the main reason we have children is to be happier in life and share that happiness. The one thing I regret is not having children sooner, but as always, God is great and God always has a plan for us all.

After a long work day, we had left and gone straight to the airport to pick up my cousin and his wife which is also my wife’s sister! They landed at 9:30 and we arrived at 9:45 in Newark Airport, Thank God not JFK! We were able to receive them at 11:30 pm, left and got home by 12:30AM. We ate a nice big meal at 1 am and then went back to the apartment to have Tea at 3AM, then we passed out. It was an amazing day and fun night, I’ll let you know how i am dealing with Zombie mode the next day in the next post!

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