Ramadan Day 7

May 24, 2018

Almost there, almost a week down! Thank Goodness I was able to get a good amount of sleep in, Tuesday’s airport trip really messed my internal clock.

My cousin coming back from Afghanistan, only thing that’s changed is how tight his shirt is getting haha.

Today’s fast has been very comfortable actually, Iftar actually crept up on me. For the whole time, I’ve been eating 2

Bowls of rice, some type of protein and slow digesting carbs:

Not only does this gigantic meal hold me

Over until it’s time to eat in the early morning, but it’s nutrient sensed with so much good stuff! Some people get bored of eating the same foods everyday, not me, fasting has helped me enjoy what I have from food to life itself. I’ve learned to be more content and understand more the problems I’ve been going through.

I’ve also learned that people tend to live in their own world and remember things totally differently compared to what actually happened. I don’t blame em, sometimes it’s whatever helps them sleep at night. I just wish, during this Holy month of Ramadan, that the stubborn people out there could actually learn through fasting on how to put aside pride and understand situations that’s out stress on their lives. Stress is totally unnecessary in our lives and yet, it helps define who we are and how we look at everything else. Let’s learn to relax and calm down in any situation, there’s no need to react or fire back in any situation, just for the sake of being first or fast. Taking your time to process and carefully think of how your going to respond is key to becoming a better you, try it out.

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